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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend was wonderful!

Happy Easter Monday!
For some, it's a holiday, so Happy Day to you all!!
Our weekend was packed with fun filled times. I honestly believe we all had a good time. The weather wasn't the greatest with the wind, but it was fine.
We dyed eggs on Saturday afternoon and had several of the grandkids in. When they tired of eggs, they played in the yard. Everything from tag to kickball to catch and blowing bubbles.

Sunday afternoon we had a good ol' Texas style BBQ. THAT is what makes Easter dinner to me. I did grow up with ham dinner for Easter, but when we were down south, nearly 20 years, we took on their traditions. Our meal this year consisted of smoked chicken breast, BBQ's chicken legs and BBQ'd brats. We had buns and tortillas for them to be eaten in. There was an array of cheeses and dips and appropriate dippers for munchers before the meal. It was hard not to stop and grab. Smelling the BBQing foods really got the taste buds goin'. And of course everyone had the special goodies I'd made. And then we had sides of zucchini casserole, potato casserole, macaroni salad, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, fruit salad, etc. And dessert. Missy made a Hoppy Easter cake, Dusty made a chocolate cake with peeps on top and I made orange fluff. Yummmmm.
Can't post pictures of Sunday. Oh how I wish I could. For a picture of the newest Sage rock band, message
me. :-)
Yes it was a lot different when we were kids, wasn't it? I remember waking up on Easter morning and having my own little egg hunt in the livingroom. There weren't any other kids so it was just me. I'd find my basket on the kitchen table and next to it would be the brand new purse from my grandmother. I'd be proudly carrying that to church after I put on my brand new Easter dress and hat. yep. Hat. Tradition. When we got home from church, we'd have dinner with my grandparents. Sometimes the meal was at our house and sometimes at Gramma's. Once grampa passed away, the tradition continued, but the place was always our house since gramma lived with us.
After cleanup time, we'd start getting ready to go to whichever aunt and uncle's turn it was. My dad's family rotated holiday get togethers. Easter was a fun one. I knew I'd be getting a giant egg. A genuine goose egg that my Aunt Dorothy had colored and painted our name on. My cousin and I would have fun playing while the adults played cards and laughed.
As a mom, I have a lot of memories that make me smile. Tying strings to the baskets and weaving them all over the house for each kid to find their basket. Hiding eggs and then hiding them again because someone had such a good time hunting. Making bunny prints on the floor so the kids would believe the bunny had come. Going to church as a family. And the food. Mmmmm eating a good meal with the best
As a mimi, feelings are pretty mixed. Years like this year warm my heart. Even though we are now left out of much of the fun, at least this year we have memories of our family gathering at our home. These are memories that will take us on into the years where we sit on the porch rocking, wishing time had stood still a few years ago when the kids were young and active and we were madly dashing here and there after them all.
Before Easter we made a trip to a place called B A Sweetie. Great place!!
We didn't buy a lot since I was making our candy, but we did have a great time. If you ever want to theme a candy gift, buy nostalgic candies, or just enjoy the day in the land of sugar, head on in. It's on Brookpark. Off 480, coming from Akron, get off on Ridge Rd. Don't turn towards the Lowes, etc., turn under the highway. The first major light is Brookpark. Turn right. It will be on the right between Best Buy and K-mart.
And I'm also going to do a shout out about...
Dickey's BBQ Pit, 960 N. Court St., Medina, OH
Closest to what we consider REAL BBQ we've found. Awesome stuff! And a TON of food for the money!
Yay! I've missed playing! I got lottso on disc to play anytime. And if I choose, I can still play online. But I don't need to. :-)
Well folks, this mama is exhausted. I need to try and get some zz's. Later...
~~Mama Sage