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Friday, March 30, 2012

Here I am! Did you miss me? lol

Once again I find myself wanting to apologize for not blogging.  I guess I don't have to any more though.  You that read my blog...regularly (???)...know that I'm here when I can be.  I still miss my daily blogging and am hoping that somehow my life and my body will cooperate one day in the future to be back to it. 
Unfortunately this isn't the only adventure in my life that's at a standstill.  And some aren't real convenient!  Take my basement.  Oh PLEASE take my basement!!  lol  I had all good intentions and have actually made a lot of progress, just not all I'd wanted to.  We started out really great!  I unloaded all the non-food things into the livingroom area of the basement.  The unwrecked rec is now the wrecked rec.  Then we put up the new shelving units next to the one we had, metal shelving that is capable of holding great weight.  I took all the canned, boxed and bagged pantry stuff and organized it and loaded it on the shelving.  We even made space for the microwave we keep down there on one of the shelves.
The next supposed task was to take all the kitchenware and partyware and condense it to fit into the old pantry shelving.  It's doored and I thought that would be a perfect way to keep it all handy.  Well it didn't work.  Just the items I'd shoved into the living area were too many.  I did put all my cake, cookie and candy making supplies in there.  I've got the punch bowls securely up on the tippy top shelf.  The cupcake stands are safe now.  And all the tablecloths, napkins, etc. are in where they'll stay cleaner.  I bagged or jarred the plastic cutlery.  Big jars of knives, forks and spoons.  Excess went into zippy bags and is stored in a "drawer" under the metal shelving.  But now I'm at a standstill.  I think we need one more of the new shelves and I'll dispose of another not real handy cupboard unit.  It's going to be hard to get rid of some of that Tupperware, but I think it may be time.  I'm going to keep all the party servers, cake and pie takers and all my modular mates.  Most everything else will likely go.  So sad.  I'm still a Tupperware lady at heart.  You don't sell it for as long as I did and not have it become a part of you.  I took it to heart when I told people that there are just a few things they needed to know about Tupperware.  And one of those was you should put it in your will.  lol
I still do have the plan going, it's just moving quite slow.  Once I get through all that stuff and crush the relationship between me and my crisp-its, I'll be well on my way to the next phase of the rooms down there.  The plastic shelving all the Tupperware was on will go away.  We'll put something as a riser of sorts to keep things off the actual cement floor and I'll be stacking Christmas totes where those shelves will have once stood.  Not before going through them, of course. 
Now breaking up with my Tupperware family will be hard enough!  I don't even want to think too much about going through all my Christmas stuff.  It's not a love / hate thing with me.  It's a love thing period.  Every thing I have has meaning.  To get rid of any of it will be like tearing off an arm.  But it's a must.  This is a big house but it's not big enough for all we have in it.  Time to thin down.
After I see the areas all clean and clear, I'm hoping that someone will have the heart to put down my red carpet.  We bought it over a year ago and I'm really, really wanting it in.  The stair carpet MUST be replaced.  The room just needs to be.  Badly!  And the red will look so cool in my Coca Cola room!!
The kitchen is looking better every day.  I'm gaining counter space by making decisions.  Got rid of the knife holder.  It was a dirt grabber.  And my little grabby-kins was getting too close to wanting to grab those nice silver "toys!"  No catastrophes please.  Won't be long before the drawers will need drawer locks.  The cabinet locks have done great. 
I still haven't filed things.  ~~sigh~~  I hate it with a passion!  I do have it sorted and ready.  It's just the physical part needing done.  I've even got the shredding gathered.  I'll do that mindless task one day when I have nothing to do.  hahahahaha  Now when would THAT be??  Not to worry.  I have until either Tuesday or Wednesday to get it all done.  Tax man day.  I've got things in there needing to go see him and they must be gathered.
Food food food.  Eh.  Nothing real thrilling.  Tonight we had reubens.  I had leftover corned beef that I shredded and heated in a skillet.  When I went to the R Store today they didn't have any rye bread but they had dark wheat bread.  Good dark bread!  Pepperidge Farm.  We took two slices and laid them out.  Shredded corned beef on one; sauerkraut on the other.  Slathered them with some fat free thousand islands dressing and put a slice of swiss cheese on each.  Put them together and cooked them in the toaster oven until the brown bread was "browned."  Tasted pretty darn good!
I'm still doing some of the little tricky things I've made habits.  Like today we went to Lake Varsity Diner to meet Missy and her friend Shelly.  Shelly had her granddaughter and we had Melanie and Emmi with us.  I got the cheddar topped burger they serve with apple butter.  I took the burger without the bun.  I also had them do the applebutter on the side.  I only used half the amount I would have had if I'd gotten it on the burger.  I didn't miss the bun at all.  I did eat the fries but didn't get seconds.  Yes seconds.  They have bottomless couch potatoes.  lol 
I kind of do the same thing with salad dressing.  I get it on the side and eat it weird.  I dip my fork into the dressing and THEN I grab a bite.  That little bit that sticks to the fork gives it plenty of flavor.  Again, I generally use half of what I'm given.  Way less than if they blop some on the salad.
I'm extremely sore and tired tonight but I have to add the funny thing I saw the other day.  My granddaughter Kennedy and I were headed to the bank and store.  Across the street we see one of THE ....  Well it was a butt.  And plasted across that butt were the letters P E A C E.  Now I'm sorry, but if my child E VER tried to walk out advertising peace OR piece, I'd have to lasso them back in and make them change!! 
Well enough for tonight.  I'm heading into the bedroom to get my aching body in a reclining position.  I hurt so bad I can't stand it.  Until next time..
~~Mama Sage

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday....the 21st.

Today was a weird day for meals but tomorrow will be worse. Today I had to fast for bloodwork. Tomorrow I have my CT for the hernia and breakfast will be a no go again and after drinking that....stuff....I won't be much in the mood for food for a while.
After the bloodwork, on the way to the kids', we stopped at McD's for fish. Fast, easy and available. I ate two of the fish patties w/ the minute square of cheese and only the bread that stuck to the cheese. I did eat the fries while waiting for them to correct the order and give us the fish. I was doggone hungry!
I called it dinner when I grabbed some brisket, a cheese stick and a little apple. I called it dessert when I ate the 20 peanuts.
I also drank two cups of milk, a bottle of gatorade and lots of water.
Still hungry and tummy talking, I grabbed a banana before bed.
I always have juice or G2 with my miralax. Tonight it was G2.
My protien today was actually too high. My goal is no more than 65. (Changed by the dietician yesterday.)Calories were fine. Low. 1095. I need to have plenty of veggies daily and know I fell way short. I'll have to make up for it after this CT tomorrow. Why the CT?  They are pretty sure I have another hernia.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

And then you take the next step

When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. 
Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. 
Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. 
The past cannot be changed. 
The future is yet in your power.
~~Hugh White
It's getting exciting finding more and more people for reunion every day.  Just yesterday I got in touch with two more of the "kids" by phone after a lengthy online search.  It's amazing what's on the internet about each of us.  With a little bit of thinking about what I find and adding the 2's to get 4, I'm coming up with connections.  I really wish I could get fellow classmates to brainstorm with me.  Sometimes it takes just a clue to get me in contact.  I may not remember who someone's close friends were or what they did for a living, but you might.  It could be the answer to getting more notified of this reunion and get us all back in touch again.
Did you know ...
AND the store in Stow and the one in Kent have separate specials too!  If you buy X amount you get product #1, X amount also #2 and sometimes X amount adds one more freebie.
Cliff and I are having such fun playing lottery tag.  We started out with $20 in winners I'd been hanging on to for a while.  We took them and got more scratch offs with them.  We played for two days and ended up with a hand full of entries so hopefully you Ohio friends and family will see our names as upcoming contestants on Cash Explosion.  Cross your fingers!  ...and your toes, your legs, your arms and anything else crossable!
I'm really loving American Idol this season.  So many awesome singers!  It's hard to decide who's my favorite.  I really don't think I'll chose one this year.  I'm going to just watch and enjoy each of the episodes. 
It's been so good to have windows open this last couple weeks.  I did break down and close the windows today.  Mostly because Cliff has to sleep in the evening and it doesn't mesh well with the parties next door.  We also blacked out our bedroom windows today.  It's necessary.  At night we have the street light shining in and in the day we have the sunlight blazing through.  I'm hoping on a not so noisy evening he'll be able to sleep easier.  No one else in the area lives our schedule and that does make it hard.
We sold the camper.  Yep.  Camp no more.  It's okay.  We didn't get what we wanted for it by any means, but at least we no longer have the responsibility of it. I'll miss it.  I know I will.  But we can still go out to visit Kris and Darlene and keep in touch with the people we met out there.  Countryside is still an awesome place especially if you're camping with family.
Once we gather some vacation time, we'll enjoy the time share more I think.  And it is something we can take the kids with us on too.  It's all good.
A fun website I found...
Emmi's mommy has been on vacation now for a week and I've been tackling some of the projects that can't be done when I'm babysitting daily.  I still have two major ones.  I've not even got a good start on the basement and in the next four days I want it done.  Plus I have the ... ugh ... filing to do.  It'll happen.  Somehow. 
I'm missing my girlie.  When you get used to having a little one in the house all the time you really miss it when they're gone.
We're getting ready for summer weddings.  Corry and Angel are tying the knot on May 26th and Dusty and Leon are strolling into wedded bliss on June 30th.  I'm not sure what I'm going to be needed for if anything but they know I'm available.  Actually I'm working on a couple projects for Angel.  Dusty hasn't enlisted my help yet.  And...Mimi says if she wants it, she'd better let me know!  >>big smile<< 
Our little CJ, Corry, Jr., is getting so big.  We've watched him a little while a couple days recently and he's pulling up on me and rocking on hands and knees when he's on the floor.  When he's rockin' away and flops down, the one leg bends and he scoots.  Pretty close to a crawl.  And his smile is beautiful!  His whole face smiles.  I love it!
I have done a lot in the kitchen and have it about to my liking for now.  I haven't done the deep clean, but I've done some purging and organizing.  I want to do a few other things but they're things I can do a bit at a time as time allows. 
While I've been going through my kitchen stuff, memories have invaded.  I started thinking about how we did school day breakfasts.  On the weekends, I'd cook up a mess of pancakes, waffles or muffins or whatever.  Then I'd bag them in portions in the freezer.  Each kid could choose their fancy and nuke them in the morning before heading out the door. 
I also make lots and lots of puddings and jellos.  When I could, I'd toss in sugar free.  No one cared.  It's was all good to them.  Those were mostly for school lunches.  When we got pizza, we'd get the deal of the day.  Then I'd freeze leftovers in portions and it was ready for a snack. 
When you can, cut corners I always say.  I liked the make it yourself stuff.  I felt it was part of my job description. 
I also started thinking about how much I genuinely used my Tupperware steamer.  Probably every meal!  I was the kind of mom who tried to make sure the kids got plenty of veggies and fruits.  Veggies in the steamer were fast, easy and better than drowning them in a pan on the stove.  "Baked" potatoes in the microwave were super and fast.  Lots of things to use it for.  I still use it, but with just the two of us most of the time, not as much.
Pretty ingenious.  We were driving down the road and passed a guy wheeling a port-a-crib down the sidewalk.  I thought, okay.  He's watching the little one and had something to do.  Not so.  When we got closer, the crib was filled with his laundry. 
Never noticed that before.  Hmm.  We pulled up to the post office and there was a sign in the lawn.  "Evacuation assembly area" for customers.  Hmm.
Really got a lot done on the basement today.  All the canned goods are moved onto the metal shelving.  The boxed and bagged, etc. is ready for the shelves I'm hoping Cliff gets together tomorrow.  All the non-food has been moved into the sitting area. can't sit!  lol  Soon.  Very soon. 
I found a few more things to get rid of too.  Put away all the games we brought home from camp.  Most.  Poop!  I forgot about the ones in the closet!  POOP!  Tomorrow.  I want all the games in the cabinets when you first come down the stairs.  Except card games.  Those are in the big drawer on the fireplace unit.  And the poker chips, card shuffler, holders, divided canasta dealie, etc.  Sifted through all the party stuff.  I haven't saved a whole lot.  So much had gotten fully used up and was tossed.  I do have the luau stuff and some flowery center piece thingies.  And a box of tableclothes and a box of napkins.  All kinds! 
While I was down there, I got the laundry done.  We did steak, loaded mashed potatoes and corn and peppers for dinner.  Also have corned beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery in the crock pots (yes with an s) that I'll turn on in about an hour.  I'm cooking it on low all night.  Mmmm.  The smell will be so good!  I know.  Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day.  But I didn't shop until yesterday and didn't get it ready to cook early enough for it today.  So.  Tomorrow we'll pretend it's the 17th while I do the bills and hope to find a pot of gold.
~~Mama Sage

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

catsup? ketchup? or Catch Up?

I think Catch Up.  It's time again.  I really wish I could find it in myself to blog nightly again.  It just isn't happening for me and I can't quite figure out why I can't get back in that habit.  Back on thatspace when I had a huge following, I was so excited every night to sit down and write my blog.  And the people I met through that blog were super.  I'm still in contact with many of them today.  We've become more than just blog friends, we've learned much about each other and genuinely care.  I feel like I've gotten to know some even better than people I can physically interact with.  We've shared so much!
My goal will forever be to blog regularly again.  And I will.  I'm not sure when, or how, but I will. 
I have notes day to day to day to day, but I'm thinking that's way too long and boring to blog.  Y'all who do follow me know pretty much what my days are all about.  Let me, instead, hit the highlights.
The diagnosis is in.  I do have Sjogrens.  I don't know a whole lot about it yet.  I know it's an autoimmune disease, as is the fibromyalgia, and many times the two go hand in hand.  I know some don't think they exist.  Let me tell you something.  They do.  And I hope that you don't have them invade your body.  Things come back to you.  And many end up humbled. 
The aches and pains, fatigue, all are also a part of this new thing too.  What's new is all the drying.  My mouth dries so bad at night that it actually glues itself shut.  That's tough!  It was really bad when I had the lip biopsy, part of the diagnosis.  From it, we know my salivary glands are lacking.  My ears flake and I have no wax at all.  My eyes dry and itch.  My skin is dryer than it has ever been in my life.  I never had trouble with my skin.  And my feet.  Ugh they're awful!  I guess the tingly and numbness can also be attributed to Sjogrens. 
So I'm learning lots about me and how my life will be.  There are a lot of OTC temporary helps and I'm going to be on two new meds.  I also have to see an opthamologist because it can cause black spots.  ???  I still have lots to learn there.  I was told the eye doc will likely put me on drops or cream too.  And my teeth falling apart is also part of it.
And there was the bread adventure.  I bought two carts full of bread for a very good price.  After passing it around the family in boxes and bunches, I came home and made huge jugs of croutons and bags and bags and a jug of crumbs.  15 bags if I remember right.  All varieties.  It will be interesting using them.  I know my mother-in-law made a bunch too.  Don't know what the others did with it all.
I found out just recently I have a niece with Cystic Fibrosis.  I had no idea!  She's just a wee one, not yet 2.  If you would all please put little Reese on your prayer lists it would be very much appreciated.  She's also raising money to fight the cause.  If anyone is interested, you can donate at
Another cool deal thing I did was the chicken legs.  I got a 10 pound bag of chicken legs for 5.90.  I put them in two crock pots and cooked them overnight.  I turned them into two big bags and one small bag of chicken, several bowls of stock and a meal.  Good deal!  The two bags were too full and I have to use only 1/2 at a time per dish.  Tonight I did a penne chicken broccoli alfredo with some.  Mmm.  Also have done chicken salad and chicken tortilla soup.  I used some of the broth in the soup and some to make Haluski.  Be proud of me!  I found out the "cabbage noodles" have a real name!  lol  Haluski.
Chicken Tortilla Soup
     2-3 c chopped chicken
     1 can Rotel tomatoes and green chilies
     15 oz tomato sauce
     2 cans or equivalent homemade chicken broth
     1 can cheese soup
     2 carrots, chopped
     1 can whole kernel corn
     1 can cream corn
     1 Vidallia onion, chopped
     1/2 t. garlic garlic
     1/2 t  cumin
     1/2 t. chili powder
      a little salt and pepper
      a few sprigs of cilantro, chopped
Put all ingredients in your crock pot and crock it!  When the veggies are tender, it's done.
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
     Boil or steam broccoli until it starts to soften just a bit.
     Boil penne pasta to al dente
     Add about a dozen thick sliced mushrooms and one slice onion along with the broccoli to a wok size skillet and cook until onion and mushroom have softened.  Add in about 3/4 c. cooked, chopped chicken.  Add one jar alfredo sauce (I had one or I'd have made my own.) and a good helping of fresh grated parmesan cheese.   When all are mixed and sauce is hot, it's done.
Keep in mind with the recipes that I do use fat free or low fat when I can, sodium free or low sodium as I can.  I'm not to count calories now, but I still want to pay attention to those things.  What they have me counting now (the bariatric team) is protein.  I'm to eat 50 - 60 grams of protein a day and consume at least 64 oz. of liquid.  Calories shouldn't go off the map, but I don't need to count them.  I also do watch sugar.  I need to after surgery anyhow. 
I've been having a ball working on the reunion stuff.  I took on the job of verifying addresses and finding people.  It's awesome. It's been exciting getting back in touch with people.  It wasn't good to find an obituary for one classmate.  That was kind of a shock.  But I know we have lost many, many classmates.  It's still so shocking when I hear of another.  And we have a couple in nursing homes too.  Why is it that I feel so young...until reality hits me upside the head!
Oh boy did I have a GOOD time with Kennedy her last weekend here!  She and I went to the thrift store and we came home with two huge bags!  Little of this, little of that.  Little dresses for Emmi while we potty train.  A few fun toys.  Ya.  Good stuff.  She got a pair of shoes that looked like new plus a skirt and shirt for dress up. 
Whoa boy!  We have a few wedding coming up.  I dug out my wedding dress.  Whoa boy I do NOT want to get quite THAT thin!  Good thing it's out of realistic expectations!  Was I really that ridiculously skinny??  And small as mine was, my sister's was smaller.  My one granddaughter is a skinny minnie.  And I don't know that it would fit her!  She's just 13!!  But I did find the little flower girl dress that 3 year old Kennedy wore in Kris and Darlene's wedding.  Awe.  If any of our little girls needs it for a wedding, it's in good shape.  :-)
~~~~~Death ends a life, not a relationship.

I now have three favorite apps on my phone.  Mine is an android but I'm sure if you have an iPhone, you can get the same ones or similar ones. 
     This one is awesome.  I can make my grocery list on my phone.  I can set up more than one.  If I want to make one for each store and their specials I can.  I can make a pantry list.  Cool beans. 
     This one is helping me a lot now.  On it, I track what I eat and it puts in the nutrition info.  It keeps track of all the things I need to know to fill in my book for the bariatric team.  I can also track my weight and measurements if I choose, my water intake and my exercises.  I gotta work on that exercise part.  I'm not good at being consistent.
     This one is new to me.  Rusty told me about it and Darlene has it.  You scan in all your key tags and your loyalty tags, your box store and grocery store cards and you've got it.  Always.  As long as you have your phone.
Oh I have four.
     I've signed up and downloaded the mobile app and now all my insurance cards are there on my phone whenever I need them.
And so now I'm pissed! I was NOT untruthful on my psych test. I was totally truthful. However, it DID ask questions that had no bearing on me. I do not HAVE co-workers. And yes. My family IS a great family that DOES get along quite tremendously I might say. And some of your questions were not properly worded. Grammar, folks, grammar. (That didn't affect the outcome but it is a pet peeve.  Professionals should come off professional.)  I had to it again on Friday. And guess what!! The answers will be the same!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Although now...I am angry. VERY angry. Some answers actually might have changed. And I kept note of some the idiocies that were on it. If you are preparing a test that is to measure whatever of anyone, you need to make it APPLY TO ANYONE!  And it didn't.  And some questions could be accurately answered with true OR false! 
But now it's over.  I've done it the second time.  I did call the kid administering it to task over some questions.  Only five.  He couldn't answer my question on one in particular.  He was actually agreeing with me via his body language but because he was "the professional" couldn't.  I imagine they will either give me the same test a third time or have me go back to talk to the doc.  I know I shocked the kid (he was younger than my own kids) when I told him that if it stopped me from having the surgery I'd tell them screw you and go on and find my own way to get thin and healthy.  I am, after all, losing weight.  Just way slower than I need it to happen.
Yes.  A psychological evaluation is a part of the regime you go through to have bariatric surgery.
Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
~~Albert Einstein
And can I rephrase that to say...
Insanity:  having someone doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.
My next big food do was 16 pounds of strawberries.  We'd gone to the R Store and to Hartville Flea Market with Missy and picked up two flats of berries.  I had already gotten a few inside before we checked the outside vendors.  After Missy took a bunch, I had 16# total to handle.  I cut them up and got them ready to "sugar" for shortcake.  I didn't want to do all sugar so I used mostly splenda with just a little real sugar to quicken the juicing.  I let them sit overnight and they still weren't juicy enough so I gave it one more day.  They are wonderful.  I thinnk they might have taken the extra time because of my substitution.  But, eventually it did work.
Putting up your own food, whether you can it, freeze it, dehydrate it or whatever gives you the ability to control what's in it.  You don't have preservatives and things you can't pronounce.  You decide if and how much salt or sugar it has.  It's up to you.'re sure you've cleaned it properly.
An extended family member lost their mother and it brought me back once again to feeling the sadness of losing my own parents.  Looking for a quote for this blog, I came across this one which just hit home...
~~Jack Lemmon
Very simple.  Very to the point.
What cool kids we have!  I don't like my house cluttered, but you know what?  If it's to pass this to this one and that to that one, I'm good with it.  Right now I have things in the dining room waiting to be passed on.  I'll be glad when my own things are in better order so I can have an area for this sort of thing that isn't in my main living area.  It's just so GOOD to know that they all think of each other and pass things on. 
It's been great watching how all the family members are planning their weddings.  Dusty and Leon's is coming together.  I love watching as my kids play the parent role in that one.  And the others in the works are coming together too.  This next year will be something!  I'll be putting the camera to task a lot!!!  lol
Now we've come to the end of the blog.  I don't know that it's really time to end it, but I'm done for now.  I promise to be back, I just don't know when.  It'll happen though.  Just you wait and see. 
Love and hugs...
~~Mama Sage