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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just a-bloggin' along (includes BFF 83 I got to be me)

Oh ya.  Got to be me. 

That's pretty much been me for all my life.  I never figured I COULD measure up to what all the popular kids were up to so I didn't even try.  When I was a kid I was never expected to be anything but me.  Just me.  I had a very successful older brother and sister and I never was held up to them and told I should be like them.  I was always encouraged instead to be the best me I could.  That's how I tried to raise my own kids.  And that's the kind of encouragement and guidance I try to pass on to my grandchildren.  It's hard to walk in another's footsteps.  Even if the size is the same, the gait probably isn't.


My beautiful granddaughter Brandi got her braces off just in time for her 18th birthday!!  Beauty has become even more beautiful.


For my prayer partners out there, please pray for a couple of my friends.  Both have just had some heart surgery.  Both...are young.  One is now suffering another problem that they are trying to find the cause for.  Neither would want their name thrown out to the general public.  So, my faith filled friends, please pray that all encompassing prayer for my friends.  Thanks.

And my li'l girls and their moms have been sick too.  Three out of four are still trying to get fully well.  Nasty virus. 


We have to pray with our eyes on God,
not on the difficulties. 
~~Oswald Chambers


I'm having such a hard time keeping with the program.  I didn't do what I NEEDED to do last year and I have to continue doing this year.  We NEED to get this house in order.  And while I'm at it, I'll handle bags and bags of things that have been cast off and not really sorted.  When you toss, you should really take advantage and get something back for what you had.  I've got bills to pay...T A X E S.  Ohhhh woeeeee is me. 

We've taken several bags down to the rec room and my job is to decide what goes to charity and what we shall try to sell.  Things given to charity then must be inventoried and bagged or boxed then taken.  Things to sell must be photographed and listed.  That's where I'm stuck.  Once I get started I know I'll just bust butt to get through it all.  And once we get through the first mountain, if, IF I keep up with things it can run smoothly and sanely.  I've done it before.  I can and WILL do it again.

I actually got started sort of tonight.  Check out my Etsy page!! 

I've begun listing my scarves.  I'm crossing my fingers I'll get some traffic there and things will sell.  This has got to become my income.


I did a baby clothes drawer sort and came up....empty!  Our little girls are growing up so fast!  Amazing.  When our kids were growing up, it seemed like time passed a lot slower.  I still feel like they are new and just born and Emmi, the oldest of our new babies is going to be a year old in less than two months!  Where oh where does time go?

I made myself go upstairs and drag out some of the older yarn I have.  I got so excited and involved in doing those fancy dancy yarns into scarves that I was kind of neglecting the older stuff.  You know, with big ol' needles, even the older yarn becomes beautifully soft and huggy.


I'm still in the use it up mode around here.  At least I'm trying.  I made scalloped potatoes and carrots with ham chunks for dinner the other night.  Mmmm I love it.  Even when it doesn't turn out right.  lol  There are two ways of doing it.  One takes just a little longer and dirties a pan.  I try to avoid that way.  But.  That is the way I should always do it.  When I do it the speedy way, it works about half the time.  The longer way is where you make the white sauce and pour it over everything then bake.  The other way, you layer, dot with butter, sprinkle salt and pepper and flour the repeat repeat, cover, bake and ta daaaa.  It's something that could be good or could change the menu to Potato Soup.  lol


I decided to make the Mama version of gorp.  That's another way to say trail mix.  I wanted it to be healthy and to have antioxidants.  I did my best.  And I put in the things MAMA likes.  When you make it yourself, what you put in and how much are all up to you.

Mama's gorp
  •     almonds
  •     cashews
  •     dried blueberries
  •     raisins
  •     dried cranberries
  •     chocolate covered raisins (less chocolate than M&M's but gives it that li'l chocolate bite)


A baby changes your dinner party conversation
from politics to poops.
~~Maurice Johnstone


Okay tell me.  What is the reasoning here?  They are changing the names of all the schools that are being rebuilt.  They are no longer jr high, middle school, elementary, etc.  They are Community Learning Centers.  So what's up with that?  Anyone in on what the thinking is?


Oh my goodness!  That was the nastiest, ickiest, goopy uck.  It was a micro-mess.  Y U C K !!  I had a couple of packages in the pantry of this warm it up ... stuff.  The tuna is good.  Tuna steaks of various seasonings.  The chicken...was it???  I couldn't be sure!  The BBQ sauce on it was good.  But the pasta!  OH MY GOSH was it awful!  Even the dog didn't want it!


Always out for a bargain, I spied this and wondered how many of you truly take advantage.

If a store is going to offer it free and their deal is the best deal, you double dern betcha I'm going to take advantage of the freebie they are offering.  Eyes open wide so the deals can't hide.


Did I tell you about when we took the babies to Cracker Barrel?  Oh what a fun time!  And Emmi had her first least with us...

Don't ask me.  I don't have a clue.  Two of the pictures I uploaded came up sideways.  The rest are fine.  lol  Wish I could post the Melanie pictures too but I can't.  :-(  Not allowed.


When we went for gas the other day we got quite a chuckle.  I was taking winter pictures...and then I got the best winter picture of the day.

Yes seriously this guy was dressed for winter from his waist up and summer from his waist down.  Didn't seem to shiver.  But I did!!


On that note, Blue Eyes Emerson and Mimi Sage are signing off.  But before we do, we need to say


to my wonderful hubby, Cliff. 

Hugs to all.
~~Mama Sage

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another day in the life...

Okay.  So we took Papa's free birthday meal coupon to a nationally know restaurant.  And they handed us menus.  And along with the menu was an "on special" card.  I could NOT believe my eyes!  They actually TOLD you that the first helping of their all you can eat special contained 1210 calories.  If you ask for more, the extra portion they bring will add another 350 calories.  And, if you choose to have extra sauce too, that will be another 60.  Wow!  All that death on a plate for a mere 9.99.  I think I'll jump right on it.
I have such fun seeing both my little granddaughters!  When we're all shopping together you'll find me going from cart to cart to play huggies with my girls.  Such sweet, sweet dolls.  They are both at such a great stage.  They like giving and getting hugs and Mimi Sage just eats it up.  I can't wait for the day the actually call me by name. 
Mama's Crazy Mix Up Salad
Had to do spring mix lettuce.  My one home ec teacher said that if you are served only ice berg, the person serving the salad isn't too concerned about your health and well being.  I care.  Honest.  So we had spring mix.  Other veggies made it colorful.  Chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery.  Then I chunked up some ham and some herb roasted turkey.  The colby cheese didn't make it pretty enough, so I also added feta.  Dressing today was fat free ranch.
I keep working on scarves even though I haven't listed them on Etsy yet.  If you're curious or in the market for scarves, visit my facebook page and look at the album.  It's a public album so even if you aren't a friend of mine there, you can look through them.  Don't know about claiming them.  If you want one, try messaging me there or here or email me at 
Use what you've got rigatoni
    mozzarella balls in herb oil
    jar of Prego spaghetti sauce sauce
    sliced black olives with garlic
    sliced mushrooms
    healthy penne noodles
Ever done copy cat recipes?  We got in the mood for a bowl of that yummy creamy veggie soup they have at Dixie Stampede one day and I found a great copy cat of it.  I've done that with a few things we've had at restaurants and got a hankerin' for later.  Just type what it is and "copy cat" into your search.  See what all you can come up with and share it with us all.
We went to see Little Fockers with the family this month.  Sadly we didn't do the movie thing on Christmas like has always been our tradition.  And this outting didn't have nearly as many as we usually have when we go.  Still quite a crew.  Kris and Darlene, Dusty and Lee, Brandi and Dakota, Brian, Kennedy, me and Papa.  We got to use coupons since it wasn't the first weeks of the movie.  Always good.  Also had a free popcorn coupon that we gave to the kids to use. 
Yes.  I loved the movie.  It's definitely not appropriate for little ones, but we all loved it.  I don't have a clue what the guy outside the theater was thinking.  He felt it his duty to tell us it was terrible.  
My attic / craft room is completed.  At least for now.  It is at the organized chaos point and it is a very useable area once again.  I'm pleased.  It's all ready to begin crafting and scrapbooking again.  First the baby ornaments and then I'll work on finishing up my Disney album.  Sort of got sidetracked.  And I want to do first year albums for both babies.
I still have some goals to achieve.  Scarves to Etsy and bunches and bunches to ebay and goodwill.  The purge goes on.  The purge goes on.
Martin Luther King Day was a bonus day for me.  We had Kennedy the weekend and she chose to stay the extra day.  She had exams coming up and used the time to have quiet study times.  She also earned some money to stuff into "Bunny Sage" to start saving towards her trip to France with her French class or club or whatever. 
Kennedy helped with the sweeping and we got the second and third floor done plus the stairs.  The  first floor ended up being done too.  Lots of floors is lots of sweeping.  Thank the Lord for such a great kid to help.  When we were done, we sat on my bed and watched a Christmas show together.  It's the only place I still have some I haven't watched.  Great day. 
Got the attic all ready to begin crafting and scrapbooking again.  First the baby ornaments and then I'll work on finishing up my Disney album.  Sort of got sidetracked.
So what else have I done?  Little of this.  Little of that.  And every little is working towards a goal.  One big was the filing.  I'd dreaded it and dreaded it.  I was able to get it all done in a weekend.  Now that monkey is completely off my back.  YES!  Well almost.  Still have to shred a basket full.
People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.
 ~~Author Unknown
wow.  I can't believe it.  My granddaughter will be 18 this next Saturday.  Wasn't it just the other day....
And she got her braces off.  Beautiful!  I'll post pictures for her birthday. 
Well, my friends, I'll say good night for now.  I heard something on one of those TV criminal shows I watch that made my mind wander.  Need to do some research.  When something catches my ear and sticks, I believe there is probably a reason.
Hugs to you all...
~~Mama Sage

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BFF #82 Well good. No one else won either.

Yes, no one else won either.  And it's really my turn.  I guess we will have to wait until the next drawing though.  My numbers didn't come up tonight.  Ah well.  If they had, I'd have been way too excited to sit and do any blogging.  But I still have hope.  Miracles DO happen.  They've happened in my life.  I'm pretty sure they've happened in yours too.  Did you recognize them?

We would have missed a few had our hearts been closed to faith and hope.  We were in the best period of our Christian walk.  That part where you are so hungry to see God that you recognize him and his angels when they're surrounding you.  When you realize that the ol' guy who stopped by to help you with your car didn't just happen by.  It wasn't just a coincidence.  God showed him the way and he listened. 

When you hear that little tiny voice and you listen and do, you'll see that miracles happen.  You can drive 60 miles after sharing a chicken leg with your car full of kids and know that somehow you will be able to also make it back home despite the nearly empty gas tank and the fact your last dollar was spent on that lonely chicken leg.  And when someone tells you "God said I should..." your heart is open enough to understand that THIS is a miracle.  You will not only have a full tank of gas to go home on, you will have the money replaced that bought you the gas to make the trip up AND the chicken leg you and your children had shared.  God is good.

When the doctor tells you your beautiful little girl has a problem and will need to wear leg braces, you are full of faith, you go home, share with family and friends who you know will pray.  You, and they, pray.  Expecting a miracle.  And it happens.  And she never had to wear those braces.

When God brings someone into your life that you would never have met any other way, it is a miracle.  When she first is your friend, then you find out your related?  That's a special miracle. 

You pray for answers for someone you love.  And as soon as "amen" has left your lips, you know it's a miracle when that person calls you and tells you things are progressing and the answer is on the way.

And so miracles will happen.  They do happen.  They are happening.  I just need to remember to open my eyes and see.  And so tonight I'll be praying and expecting miracles.  I have a list.  I'll keep expecting wonderful miracles to happen.  And they will.  I should just open my heart and my eyes and see.

~~Mama Sage