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Friday, September 28, 2012

It was a very productive few days

The cooler weather really does give me the extra umph I need to get things done.  I’m a very cold weather person.  I started out thinking if I just cleaned out one corner in the livingroom I would call it a good day.  It’s pretty hard to get things like that done when I have a demanding two year old in the house.  And that time with her is precious to me.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Emmi cooperated so well today, I was able to do the whole livingroom which desparately needed my attention. I pulled everything out and swept behind and under and moved a few things around and trashed a few things. It was a good day.  Unless you want to take into account the aches and pains that follow.  Especially my back.  Shoving furniture around and doing windows and things isn’t nice to one’s back.


Cleaning out things in the livingroom, I came across lots of recipes pulled from here or there.  Some were mine, but many were my mother’s.  I really need to get a handle on the recipes I have and make decisions on what to keep and what to pass on or trash.  If I cooked 24/7 the rest of my life and lived to be 90 there is no way I could use half of the ones I have.  Time to pare down a bit.




I’ve been feeling the need for protein and cranberry.  My days don’t feel right unless I start them out with those things in the morning.  Some people need to start with something like oatmeal.  That would be good too, but I just feel like my tummy feels better with the eggs and toast breakfast.  2 slices of whole wheat toast, two micro poached eggs and a glass of cranberry apple juice.



Why can’t it be easier to find games on TV these days?  Where did the days go that we had three channels, cut and dry, if something was on TV it was easy to find?  Well I don’t really want it to go back to that!  But it took us forever to find the Ohio State game Saturday.  It ended up being on a channel we didn’t even know we had!


After the game was over, we went to use the gift card the kids got me for my birthday.  Thanks Rusty, Cait, and Emmi, for a super meal!  The waitress we had suggested we try the steak with original seasonings and cooked on the fire.  Superb!  Best steak we’ve had in a long time! 


I looked at her and asked…”You aren’t from here are you?”  She told me no mame, she wasn’t.  She was from Dallas.  I knew it!  I could just tell she was Texan.  There is something about Texans that stands out so strong.  She thought it was the little bit of an accent she had.  I told her no, it wasn’t her twang (her word).  It was because she was polite and attentive.  She told me she couldn’t help it.  “Daddy raised me that way and I can’ t change it.”  Good!  We need more of that around here!




I finally got that basketball sized head of cabbage handled.  I now have 24 cabbage rolls in the freezer plus we had what I called Cabbage Ball Casserole for dinner one night. 


Cabbage Rolls


For the filling, mix:

2# pork

3# beef

10 mini carrots, chopped fine in the food processor

1 med onion, chopped fine in the food processor

ends of celery that weren’t big enough for much, chopped fine in the food processor

2 eggs

some of my homemade bread crumbs

my mix of garlic, salt and pepper, good amount


I took that huge cabbage (1.50 at a local farm market) and boiled it whole to soften the leaves.  It almost didn't fit in my biggest stock pot!  And it is very big! 


Once the leaves were softened, I peeled them off, cut off the thick center vein and rolled small hands full of the meat mixture into it. 


On Sunday, I made the casserole out of the cabbage that was too small to turn into cabbage rolls and the leftover meat mix.  A layer of cabbage, a layer of meatballs, a layer of cabbage, cover with a can of tomato soup, cover the casserole and bake until done.  I think it was about an hour.  It must have been pretty good.  It was me, Cliff, Kennedy and Emmi eating and it was completely gone!




Sunday really was a cooking day.  I made a casserole for breakfast.  I’ve been in this eat more protein mood.  I had some frozen hashbrowns that had to be used up, some ham ends from when I cut up the lunch meat, a few small hunks of cheese that were getting old.  I layered the potatoes first.  Next I chopped the ham hunks into itty bitty bites and shredded the cheese.  They were layered on.  I mixed up 10 eggs and a can of evaporated milk and poured it over top.  I then baked it until a knife came out clean when inserted in the middle.


Lunch was BLT’s at the request of Kennedy.  I don’t do mayo on mine and it’s just fine.  Cutting back, I’d rather eat bacon than mayo.  Gotta make choices.




We trashed my recliner.  It was getting terrible!  I don’t know why they don’t make a good and comfortable one that will last!  I took one of the other ones in the livingroom and claimed it as mine.  Oh it may have been a big mistake!  I HURT!  I kept thinking it was too stuffed.  I stood it as long as I could but was going nuts.  Finally I flipped it over and started to investigate.  I was looking for a good place to cut a hole so I could dig out a bunch of the stuffing.  Low and behold, you’ll never guess what I found!  Zippers!  There were zippers in each section!  I pulled out a big garbage bag of stuffing.  It’s a little better but no where near perfect.  It’ll do for now.



Sunday evening we took Kennedy home to her mom’s.  We’d had a good weekend. 


When we got home, I started another elf.  It’s so exciting making these little guys!  I think the most exciting thing though was deciding to charge $15, listing that on my facebook and within five minutes having someone purchase two!  That really gives me the incentive to do more.  I’ve also got the makings for my treetop/shelf angels out and ready to go.  I’m hoping to make at least a couple this next weekend. 



Change it up. Variety sells. Ham and eggs just wasn’t going to cut it.  Too boring.  Instead, I made ham and egg sandwiches. We had the sandwiches and cranberry peach juice for breakfast. 



Some of you caught my facebook status the other night.  Yes.  Nelly did eat the entire loaf of garlic bread!  I’d put it on my pizza stone to toss in the oven and toast and gone in the livingroom until time to pop it in the oven.  I already had a meatloaf in and was boiling the water for corn on the cob.  When I went back in to put it in the oven, it was missing!  At first I thought I might be losing my mind.  Maybe I hadn’t gotten it ready.  Then I glanced at the floor which was globbed with the butter, garlic and parsley topping.  BAD DOG!  Lol


The first two elves have been mailed to their new home in California.  A couple FYI’s. 

FYI – Paypal charged something like 3.7% fee – I should have added that in

FYI – The post office makes you use debit cards as debit and won’t let you run it as credit – fee

FYI – Those priority boxes are free.  You just pay the postage when you send it.


Today, Thursday the 27th, was my friend Jennifer’s birthday.  A group of us went to the English Pub in Ravenna to have a little meeting/get together and wish her happy birthday.  It’s good seeing friends.  Being back in touch, finally, with classmates and childhood friends really adds something to your life.  We all spent so many years raising our families that most people fell out of touch.  Now our families are mostly raised and we’re into the roll of grandparents.  Reconnecting means leaving all the past in the past and connecting as we are now.  The childish little groups we might or might not have been a part of don’t mean a whole lot.  Now, we have so much in common.  We are happy to have made it this far in life.  We are sad that so many have gone before us.  We care for each other in all new ways.  No one has anything bad to say about anyone else.  We are truly one now.  It’s just a little sad it took so many years.

The friends who grew up with you deserve a special respect.
The ones who stuck by you shoulder to shoulder,
in a time
where nothing was certain, all life lay ahead, and every
road led home.
~~ The Wonder Years

It took me too long to finish this.  I’ve got to get better.  Especially since I have plans with a friend to possibly start another blog.  Stay tuned…

Hugs and love,

~~Mama Sage

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm not an old dog! I'm 50-young!

I refuse to be anything else but 50-young until I turn 60-young!  Never old.  Never.
But I did learn a new trick today.  The van has this tire deal that blinks and warns you when you have low tire pressure.  Cliff had stopped and put more air in the tires, but the light just kept blinking.  He called the dealership and we learned a couple things.  I learned that the air pressure suggestion is on a tag on the door frame of the driver's door.  I also learned that whatever it says might not be exactly right!  We were to inflate them an extra two pounds.  Ohthese new fangled electronic age cars today!  And then I learned that in order to reset the computer, you have to drive it 20 miles.  And so we did!
We had been debating about going down to the R Store in Hartville.  They've expanded and had just opened back up.  I figured they'd probably have some killer deals.  Found out nothing earth shattering.  Nothing but their normal good deals.  And they are good!  My best buy was big, big buckets of salads.  Pasta salad was 2.99, jello salad was 2.69 and ham salad was 3.99.  The ham salad was 5#.  All the buckets were that size.  We needed yogurt and got there a little late I guess.  I only found 6 at my price.  I only buy them when they're .20 or .29.  A great deal we got to put away for fun with the kiddos was 7 oz. of chocolate icing in a squeezy pack.  Yes, name brand.  They were .79 regularly but they were 75% off.  .20 for 7 oz. of icing is a good deal.  And then I'm not going to be tempted to make my own which I like so much better.  I know.  I should.  But if I do, I'd eat whatever had it on it.  I like my icing.  And I'm weak!
Cheeses were an exceptional deal too.  Lots of variety.  Some organic.  Some from Amish country's cheese houses that I recognize (Heini's).  And all were very reasonable so we got quite a few.
I didn't work on the elves too much tonight.  Just a little bit.  I was totally ragged out.  Emmi hadn't slept much last night and she was a ball of fire. 
I'm so tired out now, I'm not staying up much longer.  Just need to go watch the news and read.
Hugs to all,
~~Mama Sage

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well I'm a little disappointed

I actually LOVE a good variety show.  I was brought up on them.  I spent many a night and many a day on the footstool in front of my dad's chair watching singing, dancing, comedy spots and the like.  I just love all that stuff.  But shouldn't a variety show be billed as just that and not as a show seeking out unfound talent?  Shouldn't they say that they are looking for a top act period and not let it come across that they are seeking out someone others don't know about and trying to "MAKE" them a star?
America's Got Talent really disappointed me this year.  Don't get me wrong.  I think the acts this season were fantastic!  The top acts were so good, it was hard to choose who to root for.  I think the judges did an excellent job of choosing and critiquing.  What I am disappointed with is that the acts in the finals were NOT unknowns.  Have you googled them?  I did.  In no particular order, let me share what I found out.
Joe Castillo was the man who did the gorgeous sand art.  When I googled him, I found he had done performances for all CBS, NBC, BBC, TED, over thirty Fortune Five Hundred companies, kings, presidents and dignitaries and he had done it in more than 18 countries around the world!  I'm thinking that means he isn't an unknown that came in hoping to be discovered.  He's known.
David Garibaldi was the cool guy who did the fast art with music.  Loved trying to guess what he was making.  He has done shows for many sports' halftime shows.  Not a newbie.  He's also done fundraisers, performed in England and Canada and toured throughout Canada with the Blue Man Group. 
Tom Cotter and his wife are both comics.  He actually had a show called Two Funny that was on Women's Entertainment Network.  He has also traveled overseas with his act. 
Olate Dogs were the winning act, a dog act.  They've been on Today Show, Regis and Kelly, 60 Minutes and a few others.  They have also traveled throughout North and South America doing theater shows, circuses and stage performances. 
Now William Close is a very unique musician and his Earth Harp is just flat out cool.  But...the Earth Harp has a permanent installation at Cirque du Soleil’s show “Ka” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Yes.  Seriously.  Already IN Vegas.

The Untouchables are the adorable kids in the fantastic dance group. They are perhaps the only non-professional even though they are very, very good.  I know some have performed in other places because I recognized the one little couple, but if I remember right, they were one of the little kid dance couples on Dancing with the Stars.  I may be wrong.  They could possibly have a real show already too, but nothing I could fine.  I'm sure they will continue to develop and succeed.  They came out of the same studio as last years' Miami All Stars which does show that they have superb training.

And Sharon isn't returning.  I couldn't figure a reason why so I started researching.  If she chose not to return because of the reason I found, I don't blame her one bit.  She's a mother.  What I read was that the network wouldn't hire her son Jack because of his MS.  That's just wrong. 


You wonder why I've not been here.  One reason is because I've had some big, big days.
We started out the day with one baby, added another and then added another.  Having all three babies at once was F U N, but it definitely wore me out!!  They do play good together.  Now that little CJ is movin' and shakin' it's even more fun to watch them.
I want to tell you about a food pantry that my friend's church does.  It's always on the third Saturday of the month.  They have what's called a choice pantry.  You don't just take what they give you, you pick and choose.  That way people don't end up with things their family won't eat. 
If you know anyone in the area who is in need, for whatever reason, send them.  I'll try to remember to remind people and have an address at that time.  We took one person this month and ended up taking home things to deliver to some others.  Very good thing for folks who run out before the end of the month.
Saturday we went up to North Olmsted and took pictures of Kennedy in her homecoming dress.  We actually got some shots of her and her best friend, Alexis.  Cute girls.  It's hard to believe that she's old enough for fancy dances!
It took the entire weekend for the pool to empty.  But now it's empty, dried and boxed for winter storage.  I'm going to miss being able to just hop in and swim. 
I'm working on my elves again.  I need to get them and the scarves listed on whatever.  I'm debating between craigslist, ebay and etsy.  Time to make some cash. 
I'd like to get going with the angels too.  Once I see how to promote things properly, I think I'll have a little extra incentive to keep clicken
Emmi and I put up the fall decorations.  She had fun doing that.  I love having it out.  I'll have to get some pictures one day soon.
We've check two local orchards now and the story is the same.  The weather this year has affected them terribly.  The first orchard said they lost 80% of their crop.  The one we went to today said they lost 60%  I did get a few apples, but they are very small and there just aren't many.  I got enough to enjoy a dump cake.
Today's dinner was vegetable soup.  I actually made it yesterday.  I used a piece of meat called "boiling beef."  I'd tell you what I put in it, but I'm too tired to think at all.  Ask me tomorrow.
Hugs and much love,
~~Mama Sage

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just to keep my promise...

The house smelled good all day!  At least it smelled good to me.  Cliff is having a tough time opening his mouth and eating so I thought we could still have steak if I made it swiss steak.  My swiss steak is generally not what you'd get in a restaurant.  It's the Carpenter variety.  We did ours in a brown gravy instead of red gravy because my dad didn't like tomatoes.  I cut the meat up pretty small, added sliced carrots and a slice onion and it ended up being almost a stew.  Still served it with mashed potatoes.  Worked out great.
Lunch today had been grilled swiss cheese and a bowl of tropical fruit.  Nothing fancy but something good!
After we went out to get a lottery ticket, I stayed outside just a little while with Emmi.  She wanted to play on the swings and trampoline.  It seemed to be an outside day, so we spent more time out front the later part of the day.
Needing to do a little online research for someone.  Later, my friends.  I'm whooped!
~~Mama Sage

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I just don't know what to say

I want to say something that would be honorable about the loss we ALL SUFFERED on 9/11.  But there is nothing that really says enough.  Instead, let me drag some to the shed.
Be ashamed!  Be ashamed you couldn't put aside your politics for ONE DAY when your energy would have been more appreciated if you'd used it in honor of the innocent people who died!  BE ASHAMED that you didn't stop ALL political commercials and mentions in the news and in speeches of the almighty greatness of your chosen candidates.  BE ASHAMED!  Saying you were honoring them with no campaigning just really didn't happen, did it?  If you listened, you heard what was said without saying.  I would rather have heard your silence.
How did you honor the fallen?  I hope at least in your thoughts and prayers.  Please.  If you did nothing, don't tell me.  I really don't want to know.  I prefer to think of those I know as being caring individuals who would respect those who died and their families.  And thank you to everyone who did.
Cliff isn't doing better today.  I don't know if I expected he would be, but I didn't expect him to actually be doing worse.  His face drooped a lot more, his eye seems drier, his speech is more affected and his shoulder hurts more.  He saw the doctor again today and they gave him another prescription that is supposed to help.  If he isn't feeling improvement and/or we don't see improvement within two weeks they want to see him again.  He is able to work, so my prayer is that it's not too much for him.
Food?  We were supposed to eat today?  Oh.  Leftovers.  Nothing fancy or good. 
It's been a long day again today and I really want to relax my back.  Once it gets to hurting bad I feel miserable a long time.  Can't let it get to that point.
Sorry this is short and sweet.  I'll try for better tomorrow.  But I had to write tonight no matter what just to keep up the pace.  Besides.  I needed to get that first part off my chest and "onto paper."
Hugs to you...
~~Mama Sage
No person was ever honored for what he received.
Honor has been the reward for what he gave. 
~~Calvin Coolidge

Monday, September 10, 2012

And the phone rang

just as I was getting ready to get the day going.  It was Rusty.  Cliff had gone to pick Emmi and Adam up and there was a problem.  He asked me if he had been having any troubles with slurred speech or anything the day before.  No.  Just a neck ache that progressed to a headache.  He told me that his jaw was drooping and he was having problems.  He needed to go to the ER. 
Long story short, Missy picked me up.  Adam took Cliff to the ER and we met them there.  Several hours later, it was diagnosed he has Bell's Palsy.  His eye is also drooping.  They put him on an anti-viral medicine and prednisone.  I guess it's been determined that most times it is caused by a virus that attacks one of the two main nerves that controls face muscles.  He was also told he will need to use eye drops and tape his eye shut at night so it doesn't drift open and dry out. 
So the day was quite interesting.  Nerves got me when we got home.  I tried to chill out and we ended up having a mixture of rice with a few little veggies and browned hamburger for supper.  Cheap.  Easy.  Quick.  My kind of meal on a day like today.
Still pretty worked up, I sat down and finished the little elf I'd started.  His name is #09102012 until his is adopted and given a proper name.   I've decided to sell the little guys.  I started making them last year when I saw how cheap and ready to fall apart so many of the store bought elves are.  Mine are unique, each being hand stitched and designed as I go.  I don't generally have a plan.  I let them talk to me as I'm making them. 

I think I'm also going to do some tree top and/or shelf angels.  Lacey and pretty.  After I get a few elves done, I'll start working on the angels.  Yes.  I'll be sure and post pictures of them when I do them too.  :-) 
And so I'm ready to say adios to Monday and get on with Tuesday.  May the day be a little less eventful!  I want to thank God for my family.  Adam, Missy, Caitlin and Kris came to the hospital.  The others were working and couldn't be there so they kept in close contact by phone and text.  Thank you, kids, for being there.  Love you all so much!
Until tomorrow...
Lots of hugs...
~~Mama Sage
Things turn out best for people who make the best
of the way things turn out.

~~John Wooden

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I just want to stay awake until the pizza gets here

And I'm finding it hard to do!  I only got a few short hours of sleep last night and then I kept doing and doing and doing today.  Wore myself out!
Cliff saved the day today.  I was having a bit of a problem deciding what I wanted for breakfast and he decided on bagels with strawberry cream cheese.  Hit. The.  Spot.
As I'm eating those, I decide to make some snack chips.  I had four soft pretzels that no one was eating and thought drying them with some seasoning might keep them from being wasted.  They turned out very good!  I mixed up the seasoning for chex mix to give them a flavor everyone would like.  Then I cut off the knots of the pretzels and put them in Cliff's lunchbox for a work snack tomorrow night.  The straight pieces were then sliced about a quarter of an inch thick, stirred good with the seasoning and baked at 250 degrees until they began to dry out.  And are they ever good!  Yummy!
My next chore was a day long chore.  I had purged the meat freezer and needed to do the same with the fruit and veggie freezer.  Just unloading it was a job!  Then we turned it off and set the fan in front of it to defrost it.  While it was defrosting, I cleaned the door shelves on both freezers.  Very little was tossed out.  I did find some fish that was way beyond a useful status and trashed that.  The rest was just sorted and readied to go back in.  Once it was defrosted and cleaned, I reorganized the things in it and loaded it up. 
And whoa boy did I get myself into a big job!  I had picked up some chubs of lunchmeats and cheese when I found them super cheap.  Froze them.  Well I thawed them back out enough to slice ALL THE SAME DAY!  So I also sliced up 10# of chip chop ham, 10# of honey baked ham, 10# of smoked turkey and 5# of Lorraine cheese.  Yes.  My arms hurt!  But it's done and now we have lunch meat on the top shelf of the meat freezer (yes I refreeze and it's always been fine) that will last a long time.  The chip chop was purchased for a dollar a pound, the others about 2 dollars and the cheese was 2 dollars a pound too.  That's a REAL savings in my book!
Lunch today was the bean soup I made yesterday and some sweet corn bread.  Jiffy mix.  The only way to fly.  I found a recipe fake for Jiffy corn bread mix but haven't tried it yet.  When I saw it I thought it was nuts.  Jiffy mix is so cheap.  But when I saw how cheap to make the fake I copied the recipe down for future reference.  After the two boxes I have are gone.
We went up to Cliff's mom's to take her meds to her and I surprised her with the cookies I made yesterday, some of the bean soup and some corn bread.  I was going to put it in the frig for her and she said she hadn't eaten and it sounded good to her.  That was good.  I know she'll eat now.
While there, I grabbed a couple big bags of clothes that she had and wasn't using that were my mom's.  I've got some projects to tackle and I need them.  What I don't use I'll be donating.  Soon.  We're trying to keep on purging and donating.
Once we were home, I readied three bags of things for donation.  Keep purging.  Keep purging.  And it never looks like anything is missing!!!
Next job was to put the dishes away.  That didn't take long at all.  And now I'm whooped!  So dinner shall be pizza!
I didn't get the filing finished or the mending done.  But they're on my list.  There's always tomorrow.  Right?
“When your mother asks,
"Do you want a piece of advice?"
it's a mere formality.
It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no.
You're going to get it anyway.”
~~Erma Bombeck
~~Mama Sage

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still bloggin' along

I woke up this morning with so many aches.  I knew it would be a rainy day.  When the humidity kicks in, the fibro kicks my butt.
Adam's in town and he, Rusty and Cait wanted to go somewhere with friends to watch the Ohio State game, so we had Emmi here.  We also like watching so it was on here.  Emmi told methe people were dressed Indians.  I told her the red was like some of the Indians fans dress but it was football.  Ohio State.  She told me to turn on the Indians.  Girl likes her baseball.
We've been working on potty training her and she's just such a busy little girl she hasn't been real interested.  Today she decided to try to potty "so Uncle Corry will say Yay Emmi!"  She didn't go even though she sat there quite a while, but she tried.  He left a dollar for her and said when she poops in the potty she can have the dollar.  NOW she's excited!  Who knew a dollar bill would work better than a twenty dollar toy!
After Emmi and the kids left, I decided to go ahead and make the cookies I'd been planning on making.  I made oatmeal, using some "big raisins" from California that my mother-in-law sent away for and had frozen.  She gave me two bags when she went through her freezer and it was the first time I decided to use them.  They were fine, but a little sugary and dry from age, but still very useable.  When I put them into the batter, they broke up in little pieces and MAN it made those cookies good!  Raisins make cookies moist and good anyhow and when they're broken up like this they make them great!  Thjey tasted like yummy cookies you'd pay a good buck for.  I've got a bunch hidden away for a couple events coming up and still filled the cookie jar.
I didn't want to do a lot of moving around so the filing and mending are put off until tomorrow.  Instead, I decided to work on my book a while.  I sure wish I hadn't started out with it the way I did.  I don't want to chuck it and start over but I really made myself a mess.  I did "notes" for the book on more than one computer then put them together to refine and expand on.  What a disorganized mess!  Can't stand it!  It's going to be a chore until I get the basics or organization done.  I have really procrastinated about it and I can't do that any longer.  I need it done by December so I need to stick with it. 
I made bean soup today but we won't eat it until tomorrow.  It's always better if it sits a day or so to marry the flavors.  I'll make some cornbread to go with it tomorrow for our main meal.  I actually started it last night.  I put the ham bone in the crockpot of water to cook all night.  Today I strained the broth and got it ready to be considered soup.  I added an onion, a bunch of carrots, celery and the ham meat after I'd de-fatted the broth.  Then some pepper.  Bean soup needs pepper.  I wasn't sure what kind of beans I wanted to use and settled on Great Northern since I didn't have any Limas.  They're always my favorite.  My sister prefers Navy Beans.  Beans are beans and they're good for you so whatever I have is what I use.
It felt good to have the doors and windows open today.  It'll feel even better to have the window open all night.  It's going to be so nice out!  For the next week at least I'm hoping not to use the air or the heater.  It's time to give the budget a break. 
Well, my friends, I'm going to go back to that book for a while before I turn in so I'm going to sign off here.  Hope to see you tomorrow.  And remember...
We need to find the courage to say NO
to the things and people that are not serving us
if we want to rediscover ourselves
and live our lives with authenticity.
~~Barbara De Angelis
~~Mama Sage

Friday, September 7, 2012

Well my friends, it's like this

I'm pooped.  I had Emmi here long hours today and I'm flat out pooped.  I don't think I'll be blogging about anything earth shattering.  Well unless you count the very loud and very long fireworks that were downtown today.  Not sure what they were for, but it was 11 or so when they started and they drug on quite a while.  Wish the leaves were down so I could have enjoyed them.  Soon...
I do want to remind you of a danger in your home.  I was getting ready to clean the bathroom last night, late of course, and opened up the cabinet of cleaners.  Someone had put a spray top on the bottle of The Works.  I thought, oh.  Good idea!  I'll use less because it will cover more.  Well let me just say WRONG!  I sprayed it and it absolutely took my breath away.  I couldn't breathe in OR out.  I ran to the window and stuck my head out and could breathe.  Held my breath, ran over and turned on the shower.  Back to the window.  Breathed a few then held my breath again.  I did this until I had washed the shower clear of the cleaner concoction.  Oh it was scary!  I don't know who did that or why, but it went down the drain and then into the trash with the container.  I closed up the bathroom, window open, fan on, water running and went into my room.  My chest hurt.  I turned on my oxygen and pulled the tube off my c-pap and put it into my mouth and started breathing it in and out, in and out and finally after a little while, the pain went away and I felt better.  I left the bathroom fan on all night but did end up shutting the window and turning off the water after a while.  I wanted NO trace of whatever it was in this house. 
All day today, I've been sneezing like crazy.  Just can't seem to stop.  I generally do this when I'm severely dried out.  Today I'm not though.  I'm wondering if there isn't something that my body is trying to expel.  Whatever I sure hope I wake up tomorrow without this sneezing fit nonsense. 
When we visited my cousin, she showed me how she makes all her own cleaners and such.  I'd kind of had a bug to do some of it again (did when the kids were little) and that gave me some inspiration.  Now this!  As soon as cleaners in this house are gone, they're gone!  NO more.  Back to simplicity!!
Our youngest flew in this evening.  He's here for the Browns home opener.  I'm itchin to go but don't know if we could even do it.  Just something about football...
And today passed and we didn't get in the pool.  Now it's going down into the 60's so I think our swim days are over.  Sad.  I wish I could still walk in the pool.  That did me so much good.  I'll have to keep on losing and look for another low impact exercise.  Has to be until I get that new knee and who knows how long it will be before that happens.
Toaster struedel was our breakfast this morning.  I know.  Not the best for us, but it was good!  And Emmi enjoyed squeezing the icing on them and decorating for us. 
We did our weekly produce and milk run.  Didn't find any killer deals, but did bring home chicken nuggets for Emmi's lunches.  She had those and applesauce today.  And then a yogurt.  And then raisins.  And then a banana.  lol  She saw things and wanted them.  Acted like she was starved!  What a cutie. 
We were closing up the porch things because the rains were getting close and Emmi decided to bring in her little bike.  "Because Uncle Adam will want to see me ride it."  Okay.  That's fine. 
Her latest thing to do is to fill bags.  Any bag.  My grocery bags, the newspaper bags, little cloth bags.  Any she finds.  And then she twists and twists and twists them tight.  Don't ask me why.  It keeps her busy.  And when you can keep a two year old busy in a non-destructive way...that's a good thing!
I've started working on elves.  Our kids all have them now so any I do this year will probably be for sale.  I just don't know how much time I'll have.  I also wanted to do some lacy treetop angels.  Don't know if I'll be able to.  And the gifts on my list.  And and and....  When I was younger, I'd have accomplished it all.  Now?  Hey.  Anything I get done is success!
Dinner tonight was oven roasted (far too long) veggies and sausage in buns with mushroom and onions sauteed in sherry for a topper.  Turned out okay but not the best. 
And this is it.  Can't do any more.  Like I said, I'm whipped and need to go rest. 
Hugs to all,
~~Mama Sage


Morning has broken

And the first songbird was Emerson!  She was a little shocked when she bounded around the corner to head upstairs and found me in the middle of the livingroom.  lol  Beat her to it!  She didn't get to charge up the stairs and bust through the bedroom door to wake Mimi.  heeheehee

Breakfast for us today was cinnamon raisin toast.  We were about out of milk and I wanted if for bedtime.  But that didn't work.  I mentioned it and Cliff misunderstood and he and Emmi finished the last of it.  Oh well.  I'll drink double the water tonight instead.
We stayed home today and played.  It was time.  Two days in the car was too much. 

Lunchtime was grilled cheese.  Emmi argued with me and told me it had to be cooked in the microwave.  When I put it on the griddle, she asked me if we were cooking it in a pan instead.  I said, "yes, Emmi, we are."  She said, "oh okay." and the argument over how to cook it was done.

I think we played with every single toy today.  We played pick up several times!  Problem was I got nothing else accomplished.  But that's fine.  My time with any of the kids or grandkids trumps housework and other activities all the time!

Friends and prayer warriors: Please pray for a classmate of mine, Bob, who is going through treatment for cancer. We all know what a horrible monster cancer can be. They feel they did get the tumor removed in time that it will not be life threatening, but he will still need all our support to get through the six weeks of chemo he has in store. Thanks so much for your care and prayers. You guys rock!

I had little CJ here tonight.  That li'l dumplin' was walking all over the room by the time he went home.  Such a doll baby. 

I'm so flippin tired.  I had leftovers of this and that for supper.  And I'm about to head to bed.  Just can't do a real blog tonight.  I still need to clean the bathroom.  Adam flies in tomorrow and I'd like something in the house to be clean.  :-)

Hugs, my friends,
~~Mama Sage

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good morning, Sunshine!!

Up and ready to start the day.  Thanks, Emmi! 
I love how she comes flying up the stairs and through the bedroom door for me when she gets here.  Many times if I hear her coming, I'll play possum so she can "wake me."  If I've already gone downstairs, she seems so disappointed! 
When we went downstairs together, she wanted cereal.  I got us each a bowl of cereal and we sat down to eat it.  Blueberry.  We both love our blueberries.

When we were done eating, we talked a lot about the Rapunzel set Emmi needs to earn by pottying in the potty.  I'm still trying to get her "in the mood."  She's just such a busy little girl, she doesn't have any interest right now.  I guess when she's ready, she'll go.  We really thought the potty charts at home and here would work since she picked out her own prize to work for.  Nope.  She just doesn't care right now.  One day she'll surprise us.  It'll happen.

Cliff brought in a tote of clothes for me to go through that Missy had brought over.  Melanie is about a size behind Emmi so we pass around the pass downs.  It's great having them so close in age.  They can share all kinds of things.

When I was done with that, we were off to the bank and then to meet Missy.  She needed us to watch Melanie a little while.  Having both girls is so entertaining!  We picked us all up some lunch and then headed off with them in tow to pick up some things Rusty needed us to transport home in the van.  Once we had them loaded, we headed to the R store. 

I'm not doing a lot of shopping really.  Just what I really need mostly.  I was able to pick up pancake mix (the kids ran me out that last week of summer), some marked down tomato sauce (always need that), chow mein noodles for nutty, noodly clusters, a big ol chunk of ham for slicing thin for lunches for Cliff (probably share that with the kids too---10# for $10), couple boxes of cereal, and some Pepperidge Farm heavy breads.  Good and grainy.  Love those.

From there, we dropped of the things at Rusty's house that we'd picked up for him.  And set off the alarm!  Oh boy.  He called and asked if we were there and told us to expect the police.  The security company had called them.  It's good to know they react so quickly.  And...he warned us NOT to be in the house or they would be meeting us guns drawn.  Okie dokie!  Not a problem.  Outside.  Okay.  They would want to see our identification and the key that we have. 

Then off to drop off bags of purged items to charity.  That was just a very quick stop.  From there we stopped by our house to pick up a fax that had come in and let the dog out.  She was so happy to see us!

The girls were taking turns napping.  When one woke up the other fell asleep.  It was getting close to time for us to meet Missy and drop off Melanie so we headed that way.  Until she got done, we sat outside with the girls.  We let them loose in the van (back seats were down so it was roomy and fun for them) and they had a ball.  Soon they got quiet.  I peeked around to see what they were doing.  They were leaned against the back door and had their legs covered with Emmi's blankie.  They had one of the toy horses too.  "Whatcha doin girlies?"  They answered in unison, "Sharing."  I love my grandchildren.

We found gas a little cheaper where we were than it was at home so we took advantage and got gas.  Sheetz gives you 3 cents off when you use their card which is an added bonus.

Our last stop was to take Emmi back home.  Did my heart good when she stuck her head out the door and hollered, "I love you!!!" at the van.  Awe.  I love you too, Miss Em.


Truth be told, there's nothing better than being a grandparent.
All our elders know this
and it is evidenced by that twinkle in their eyes.
Of course, they know more than they let on—
life's secrets have come to them through time, experience,
and patience.
~~author unknown


When we got back home, I did some online work for Corry.  He came by when I was about done and needed to send a fax.  Once that was done, I put away the groceries and got out all the chubs of meats and cheeses I had collected (frozen) that I plan to slice up this weekend for lunches.  I hate getting out a piece of equipment like that for just a little bit.  Give me a ton to do and I'll feel it's totally worth while. 

Settled down to eat my supper of leftover stir fry then cleaned up my email.  I always have a pile of spam to sort through.  I could add the addresses of some of them to my address book, but I'd rather not clutter it with those things. 

I did a little bit of putting things away.  No matter how much I try to keep up with things, there are always piles somewhere needing to be dealt with. 

And now I'm upstairs.  I gave the dog a bath and am waiting for her to dry a little before heading into the bedroom.  Oh I'm tired enough to start relaxing.  It's been a long day.  But this dog is W E T !  And I don't want her drying on the bed.  lol  Oh the smell of a wet dog --- clean OR dirty.  Ewww

You're caught up with my day now.  I hope I didn't bore you so much I scare you away.  :-)

Love and hugs,

~~Mama Sage

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everyone just blows it once in a while

And today it was me.  But today was an unusual day.  Most of it seemed to be in the car.  And that is enough to drive anyone 'round the twist!
The day started out pretty normal I suppose.  But even though I had rested all night, I hadn't gotten good sleep.  When I took Kennedy home yesterday, we listed to music.  And all night long, the songs were going round and round my head.  Every single time I woke up, turned over, or whatever, one of them was a-sing-songin' through my brain.  Ahhhhhh!!  lol
Breakfast was the last of the breakfast tacos.  Just one, pretty small and only cheese on top.
Missy came by so we could take her to her doctor's appointment today.  She needed a driver.  The girls get so excited to see each other.  I love it.  These two will be tight friends all their life.  Before we left, they chose a movie for in the van.  Tinkerbell.  Or STINKERbell as Emmi says. 
It's a good movie.  I like it.  The first time through, it was cute.  The second time a little less cute.  And by the THIRD was downright annoying!  But it was today's favorite.  Generally Tangled gets that distinction.  Emmi is a huge Tangled fan.  So much so, she starts quoting even the non-important dialog. 
Missy's appointment went a bit longer than expected.  Actually quite a bit.  By the time she was done we were all pretty hungry.  Five Guys.  Hadn't been there in a long time.  I like it because I can get the burger and toss the bun and still have a lot to eat.  If you do it right, it's like a salad and meat!  All the veggies, the burger and no bun or condiments.  Winner every time.  But I did blow it.  I had WAY more than my ten fries!  That's fine.  I would deal.  I hadn't done too bad for the day.
But then I really blew it.  I drank pop!  How could I resist?  I was actually tempted to just stand there doing tastings!  What an awesome machine they have. 
I guess you'll have to turn on your side to see this.  I've done it three times.  Redownloaded it.  Cropped and resaved it.  The thing still wants to lay down! 
142 flavors!  So many it's NUTS!  I settled on two and liked them both very much.  Orange coke and grape fanta.  Yes.  ORANGE coke.  I actually liked that one a lot!  They also had lots of "zero" flavors, lots of "light" varieties, fruited waters, If you can imagine it, it was probably on that machine. 
Tonight was the monthly get together for people in Cliff's class.  We started out at the Tavern at Twin Lakes. Formerly not nearly as fancy and known as Twin Lakes Tavern.  The number of Audi and BMW was way less back then!  There were problems with getting seated so we decided to go to their standby place, Diggers.  Not nearly so pricey and way more laid back.  I got mesquite bbq chicken rolled quesadillas.  Um.  They were chicken taquitos!  lol  But they were good, inexpensive and hit the spot.  We weren't that hungry.  I'd have gotten a salad like Cliff did, but it was pretty much a chore chewing the "salad" I'd gotten with my burger at Five Guys.  We didn't want to spend much because we'd already eaten the burger earlier. 
It is great to have friends when one is young,
but indeed it is still more so when you are getting old. When we are young,
friends are like everything else a matter of course.
In the old days
we know what it means to have them.
~~Edvard Grieg
And now I'm bushed.  And we have both girls and maybe CJ a while tomorrow too.  I need to take my meds and relax.  And hopefully NO songs will run through my head tonight!
Tomorrow I hope to continue my one step at a time projects.  1. super cleaning rooms, 2. purging ... ANYTHING!  3. finishing up the files.  I seem to be gaining energy as I drop pounds.  That's a good thing.  Maybe one day the house WILL be in order!  Now that would be a miracle, wouldn't it?
I'll be back tomorrow.  Let's hope it's a little more interesting!  lol
Love and hugs,
~~Mama Sage

Please, Lord, not that!

Please tell me it's not.  When it first started, I thought maybe I got bit by a spider.  But it's not a spider bite.  Or any other bug bite.  I'm 99% sure it's not.  And now, it's bigger and itchier and redder.  And there's another little red place.  Please don't let that spread out too.  Please, God, don't let it be shingles! 
I remember when my father-in-law had them and how horribly miserable he was.  And no one could be around him for a long time.  And Missy had them too.  Internal.  And it was horrid.  I just don't need this right now.  But nothing is cutting it.  Nothing.  If it doesn't ease up in the next day or so, I'll have to call the doctor I suppose.  Oh man.
And on a lighter note.  Today was the last day to sleep in for a while.  And I couldn't.  I was awakened with a headache.  And I was itching.  And it hurts.  Nothing I tried helped.  So I just got up.  Sort of.  Cliff had come home and laid down a while and I didn't want to disturb him so I tried hard to stay as still as possible.  It's times like this I love having a smart phone.  I could read my mail, play a couple games, check in on facebook, read a book...  And I did.  :-)  All of the above. 
By the time I got downstairs, I was starved.  I was so glad to have leftovers of the breakfast tacos from the other day.  It sure tasted good!!  The egg and sausage mixture, a little cheese, a little salsa, a little sour cream.  Mmmm
Greeting cards.  Next time you're at the stores that have inexpensive cards, turn them over and check something.  I noticed something the other day I want to pass on.  The little copyright sign followed by AGC.  That's the American Greetings Card Company.  Yep.  Same people that sell $5 and $6 cards sell the inexpensive ones.  Hmmm.  And I think they're very nice. 
I got all the Tricare paperwork into a big notebook now.  Four dividers.  Two for Cliff and two for me.  One marked EOB (explanation of benefits) and one marked referrals.  We ended up getting socked with some charges we shouldn't have.  And at the same time, we discovered that the doctors that were supposed to be asking for referrals and getting referrals extended weren't always doing it.  Guess what!  That means WE owe what's called "point of service" fees.  Or another way of putting it, the bill is now ours!  Superb.  Just what we needed to hear!
One outfit in particular seems to be playing games.  They were to ask for the extension on the referral and held off until three days AFTER they charged the bill!  That means they don't just get what the insurance company agreement is, they get the full amount billed.  FROM US!  And we all know how absolutely unreasonable that can be!
We'll continue making calls and challenging it and see what happens.  Right now, it doesn't look good.
I got a bug up my butt to make cookies today.  I got out my recipe from a dear friend of ours in Oklahoma.  Shirley's Chocolate Chip Cookies rock.  And it makes a ton!  I'd post the recipe, but I'm on the wrong computer.  Not on this one.  Remind me tomorrow and I'll post it then.  I hid over 5 dozen, people ate probably two dozen and there are still about three dozen in the cookie jar.  I'm thinking I'll probably do it again and instead of chocolate chips, add pecans.  And a double recipe of oatmeal raisin sounds good too.  I'll hide them away and have them for something special later.  They all store well.
While the cookies were baking and Cliff was watching baseball, I stayed in the kitchen and busied myself.  I decided to make our lunch.  Something made me think of pierogies.  I carmelized some onions, added in some sliced Polish sausage I'd picked up at the meat market the other day, and boiled the pierogies.  Once they were cooked, I stirred them into the sausage and onions.  Kennedy came down to see what was up and was so excited!  Funny.  The cookies didn't excite her but the pierogies did! 
I continued the file a while thing today.  That shredding bag, the second one, is nearly as full as the first!  I think we all keep too much junk in the files.  I just wish I could get to the files in the attic.  I have them buried behind piles and piles of craft things.  One day it will happen.  And once the diningroom files are purged, I have files up here needing handled.  My problem with all this cleaning files is that our shredder broke.  I wonder if they're going to do a community shred anywhere close any time soon.
Kennedy's last day of holiday break ended up being fun.  Aunt Missy and Melanie came by and they all went to the mall.  She picked out a bunch of cute stuff for her hair and got some new nail polish.  I love how she did her nails. 
Those are little fishies if you can't tell.  I don't have good nails.  I've always envied people who can doll up their hands.  I used to try but it always turned out looking like blucky blobs.
After Missy brought Kennedy back home, she packed up all her things to go back to North Olmsted.  Not before I fixed one of her hair do-dads.  Just took a little dribble of Sobo glue to put the feather back on the flower.  Cliff had already gone to bed, so I ended up taking her myself.  What a trip!!  Ran into blinding rain on the way up and then again on the way home.  I do love rain but I don't like driving in it.  I'm always afraid I'll hydroplane.  The one time I remember vividly doing that, I was doing a left exit off the highway and nearly went over the edge and down on traffic below.  Scared me to death. 
When I got back, I did the dishes.  Well what wasn't done.  I'd done most of it while I cooked.  My gramma taught me that.  To save time on kitchen clean up, clean as you go.  There's on excuse for a messy kitchen.
There was nothing on TV this evening and I had a headache.  I packed Cliff's lunch, dusted and did little pick up jobs until it was time to wake Cliff up.  Then I took my purse and empty water bottles and brought them upstairs. 
Into the shower.  Maybe the shower would help my chest.  Nope.  Still itches like mad.  I don't know what else to try!
My bad girl eats today weren't too bad.  Some of the tapioca and some fresh strawberries and then pretzels and cheese.  I washed those down with milk.  The nutritionist told me that drinking 2 cups of milk a day was very important in weight loss.  Something about the results of a new study.  Whatever.  Milk and ovaltine always hits the spot with me. 
And I'm itching bad and my back has this creepy crawlie feeling.  Think I'm going to get off here and head into bed to try and relax.
We need to find the courage to say NO
to the things and people that are not serving us
if we want to rediscover ourselves
and live our lives with authenticity.
~~Barbara De Angelis

Love and hugs,
~~Mama Sage