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Thursday, June 14, 2012

off and running

Finally I was able to go for the first of my second set of three knee injections.  I let it go way, way too long before I called the doctor about needing them.  I should have called in April since I was eligible for another round in May.  BUT I also found out today that when they do begin to wear off, I can call for an appointment and they will give me cortisone in between.  She said she has no problems with helping keep the pain at bay but that I will definitely need knee replacement.  And...knee number two is beginning to give me problems.  Not bad yet.  Bearable.  But I know how this starts. 
I'm ever so thankful for the pool.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow being a warmer day.  We're planning the day to be in the pool.  I know this shot will help me, but it takes a while.  It can even take until after the third one before you really see improvement.  In the meantime, the pool.  We'll be spending the day in and out of the water.  Well after lunchtime.  And I'll take a break to make supper.  But...the pool.  Yep.  I did the math and 106 times around it is a mile.  If I swim it, if I walk it, it's a mile.  I'm working up to that.
Summer is the time when
one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes,
 and the right kind of day
is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. 
A few of those days
and you can become drunk with the belief
that all's right with the world. 
~~Ada Louise Huxtable
We're into the swing of the season for sure around here and I'm beginning to like this season.  Kennedy is with us for the summer and her zoo days have begun.  Today was her first day and she's in a super mood tonight.  She did volunteer throughout the whole year, but in the summer, she's back with more of the kids.  Not everyone does the whole year.  And she's already been invited to a party!  Our little social butterfly. :-)
We have our zoo passes too, so once this knee gets some relief, we'll be spending time there too.  I'd really like to make it to the Cleveland zoo this year.  I haven't been there since Kris, our oldest, who is going to be 39 this year, was in a stroller!  That's a long time!  I think it's time to visit and see just how much the place has changed!  And with the reciprocal part of the pass, we can visit so many other zoos for free or at least half price.  Many are close.  Our family loves animals and our kids were raised going to the zoo often.  We had membership at the San Antonio zoo all the years we were there. 
I'm getting back into the swing of meals too.  I'm trying hard to do more regular times and for sure three meals a day.  Getting nearer (I hope) to my bariatric surgery, this is necessary.  I'll have to become a little regimented I think once I have the surgery.  Meals won't be the same of course, but following a plan...schedule of something I need to get used to doing again.  When the kids were growing up, it was easy.  I was so much into making sure they got their three meals and their food groups, I planned meals and shopping trips.  I couponed and refunded too.  Oh life was so different before I was humbled and slowed with physical woes. 
I remember I would get up and get the kids off to school and then have the house spit spot by 10AM.  I then had time to do so much.  I did lots of crafts.  I visited friends.  I was always on the go.  Now, eh.  Doesn't happen.  I can't.  So I do what I can when I can if I can.  If friends and family don't like it, I'll gladly share my dust rag and sweeper so they can pitch in and help. lol
Fatherhood is pretending
the present you love most
is soap-on-a-rope. 
~~Bill Cosby
It's getting close to Father's Day.  I'm trying hard to not get all sad and lonely missing my dad.  Instead, this year, I'd like to honor him by having a big BBQ for my hubby and boys.  All our kids are coming at least for a little bit I hope.  We're having brisket in the smoker for sure and the rest of the menu is in the process of being planned.  I have a few things I know Papa likes that I'd like to include plus things that the boys like.  I just don't know if I can do it all.  Some things I'll do Saturday, but it won't be easy.  We do have Emmi on Saturday.  Mommy and Daddy are "going fancy" for Mommy's end of the residency year dinner.  I love that.  Going fancy.  When they want to go out to a place little ones can't go, they're going fancy.  She understands that and accepts it.  lol
Don't be afraid to try those packets of dried soup beginnings.  I don't have a clue what the brand was, but I got one for minestrone at the R Store (local grocery outlet) one day.  I made it today and it was super!  I added meatballs and it called for a can of diced tomatoes.  Seven cups of water, the packet, those two ingredients and twenty minutes later we had an awesome lunch today.  Loved it.
I'm getting back into the swing of my food diary too.  Ugh.  When I first started that, a requirement for the surgery, it was no problem.  And then time wore on, and the game of it wore off.  Now it's just a pain in the batoot to do!  I have to though.  It makes me aware of what I'm eating.  Like today, I realized that four small meatballs and a meat patty were not the required 60+ grams of protein.  Soooo I added a big ol' glass of milk.  Couldn't stomach much else.  I got plenty of liquid.  I need more than 64oz. a day.  Not a problem for this gal who has a big ol' mug attached to her all day long.  It's filled with water and I drink at least that plus generally a bottle of G2 and some skim milk.  Plenty.  And when we're on the go, I drink water in the car too.  20oz. or more.  I'm trying.  Just lost the umph when the knee got so bad.  It's hard to concentrate when you're in horrible pain. 
Well enough for tonight.  I'll be back when I can be.  I wish I could make this part of my routine too.  I miss it.  One thing at a time and hopefully like will get back to a regular roar.  :-)
Hugs to all....
~~Mama Sage

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love my family!!

And the days I get to spend time with them, talk to them, do things for them? THOSE are the best days of my life!!

Today didn't disappoint me. We started the day off with Cliff picking up Emmi and Adam. They came by and swooped me up too and we headed to the airport to drop Adam off for his flight home. That road between us and the airport area is pretty familiar. Seems like we'd just driven it. OH we HAD! lol The route to take Kennedy back to her mother's is the same, just a few exits further. We'd done it Sunday.

On our way back, we stopped with Ms. Em at the two story McDonald's in Independence. I certainly hope whoever's phone I found in the restroom stall remembered they'd left it and came to claim it. Anyhow, a happy meal for Emmi and burgers for us, mine with only half the bun, and homebound we were again.

We got a call from Missy and decided we'd meet her at BJ's. She was ordering little Miss Melanie's birthday cake for her 2 year old birthday party. I love what she chose. Can't wait to see it done. We'll be picking up for her on Saturday so we'll be the first to see.

After we did a bit more shopping, we took our purchases home. And did weeeeee purchase! All good. I'm needing to exercise. Water exercise is best. We've priced all the places around that I could exercise. For about what we'd pay for someplace that we have to follow their times and rules, we now have our own pool that the whole family will be able to use. Since this week is on the cool side, it's good working weather to get it set up. Hopefully we can get it set up and filled by the weekend when the temps are once again rising, rising and getting too stinkin' hot for Mama.

Emmi and I had a snack of little half pretzel sticks and strawberries. I guess the couple giant ones I handed her weren't quite enough. She disappeared and when I went to investigate, she handed me the box and said, "Here! Want some?" lol She's just something else. I love her to pieces and have so much fun watching her. She wears me out, but it's a blast while we're doin it.

After Rusty came to pick up Emmi, Dusty and Shirley (Darlene's mom) came by to work on parts of the favors for Dusty and Leon's wedding.  Only 3 1/2 weeks left.  It took several tries but we finally managed to get it handled. I think her idea is a winner. When they're done I'll have to take a picture to post.

I have to make a confession.  I've been very lacking in keeping track of my food and my sugar.  Our food diary books from the bariatric center ran out, I got lazy and haven't been doing the fitness pal thing and haven't been on a very good schedule.  I'm starting over.  Whatever weight I possibly regained, I'll lose.  I'll get a new book at my appointment on Wednesday, and I'll try to get back to semi-regular eating times.  You guys have to get out the wet noodle and smack me now and then and give me that kick in the butt I may be needing.  Your encouragement always keeps me going.  I don't want to beg off by using excuses, but the stress of late hasn't been real helpful either and neither has the fact I very often can't move.  I'm handling the stress the best I can and the shots aren't that far off to bring me more relief.  I'm really hoping to be completely back with the program very, very soon.

I know this is another short one and it's been a long while since I wrote a blog, but I have to wrap this up already. The knee is giving me lots of pain again. I'm begining another round of gel injections on the 13th. It'll make me human for a while. And tonight, like last night, my sinuses are wrecked. I think I just need to take my meds and try to rest.

But before I do, I wanted to let you know that my AOL email was hacked. I hope you didn't open whatever it was that it sent out. Someone messaged me that their virus protection stopped it and said it had a trojan virus. Man, what thrill can it be to hack into someone's email like mine?? I mean I'm no one important and my address list isn't some big corporate list of tons and tons of people. Well whatever, if you need my current email, message me and I'll get back with you.

~~Mama Sage