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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wow what a weekend!

And it's only Sunday!
Friday, after picking up Kennedy, we dropped Cliff off at the house to sleep and high tailed it to Kent to Mike's Place to join lots of Brandi's friends and some of the family to celebrate Brandi's 19th birthday.
We got to sit on the bus.  Since most of you don't know what that is, you're probably not as excited as I was. 
Mike's Place is made up of lots of strange elements for areas.  They have their regular dining area, they have a castle, there is a boat, and the bus and I don't even know what else.  The bus is special to me.  It was made at Twin Coach, a place my grandfather worked many moons ago.  It was started by two brothers who were part of the Fageol Motor Company.  It's kind of cool to connect with something like that.  The company manufactured buses from 1927 until 1956. 
Anyhow it's a pretty cool place if you're in the mood for unique.  
It was a Happy 60th Birthday for Cliff Saturday.  I thought I had him confused, but in the end he probably knew what was up.  We had a meal at Corry's, bratwurst, pasta salad, potato salad, cheesy potatoes and sauerkraut.  Then cupcakes and ice cream and chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies.  All the kids and most of the grandkids were there.  Yep even Adam via face time. 
Cliff got some of the funniest 60 year old gifts.  Most just aren't able to be put in my "family friendly" blog.  lol
Some of the kids went on to Eldorado's after for karaoke fun.  Kris and Darlene were DJing.  I'd have liked to have gone, but they were crowded.  There are only a couple booths I can sit at.  I just can't do those really high chairs.  Dangling my leg pulls on that knee and kills me.  Don't want to undo the progress it has made.
Our little CJ cut his first tooth the other day.  I love watching babies after that first little foreign thing pops into their mouth.  They are so amazed by it they can't keep their tongue off it.  I got him smiling, even with his mouth open, but not one of the pictures got that cute little tooth.
Sitting and relaxing last evening I did little jobs of organization.  I decided to go back to my old coupon box.  I had given it to Missy a while back and she didn't find it as convenient as I did.  I do keep it in the grocery card seat while I'm shopping though.  With a baby to tote, that space isn't available to her.  That's fine.  I was really glad to have it back. 
When I was done with that, I cleaned out-to-eat/store coupons in my purse.  We didn't end up buying the entertainment book this year so I'm fast into hunting for other coupons sources and cutting and printing and grabbing.  I keep them in a little envelope pouch in my purse so they're always with us. 
Sorting the magic socks was also in order.  You just can't have too many.  Who knows when an owie will happen and you need to slip on a pair for comfort. 
Now.  All those carbs?? you say.  Yes.  Lots of carbs.  I did fine.  I had a bowl of my chili for lunch so no carbs there.  Missed breakfast.  I did eat a good helping of the pasta salad, some potato salad and a good helping of Missy's cheesy potatoes.  I ate one cupcake minus bites Emmi took, a bit of ice cream and one of Kris' chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies.  I tricked myself on the ice cream.  I scooped three little half scoops and made it look like more so I could fake myself out.  I didn't eat the sauerkraut.  I was afraid of the salt since I'd done myself in with carbs already.  No sense rattlin' with two no-no's.  I did eat one brat after we got back home.  And to make myself feel okay to party, I had no snacks at all Saturday. 
Not every day is carb free.  Not every one is caffeine or sugar free.  But I'm improving.  The gigantic portions and seconds of some things I would have had months ago don't happen now.  I try to improve on old habits.  And ... I'm not hungry now.  What I have to concentrate more on is eating slower.  I know that will be something I will have to be diligent about after surgery.  I will need to learn to eat slower and chew longer.  It will happen.  The slower I make changes, the longer I believe those changes will last.
Success is steady progress
toward one's personal goals. 
~~Jim Rohn
Until next time...
~~Mama Sage

Friday, January 27, 2012

And the journey has begun

I'm dragging you all along on my journey as I take the first steps on the road to weight loss through bariatric surgery. I'll be sharing whatever comes to mind to share. We all know how Mama Sage's mind works, so look out!
Wednesday evening was my informational meeting for the surgery. I'd been to one with Rusty before he began his journey and knew pretty much what to expect. The crowd was small this time so it was a bit more intimate than the one I'd previously attended. Rusty and Papa Sage went with me.
I was very impressed with how thorough the entire process was covered. We saw a slide presentation that was mixed with actual video of the operations. We learned about the two band types, the roux-en-y and the sleeve type. At the end of the presentation and the question period, a young woman who had the sleeve a year ago came to talk.
I've decided that when the doctor asks me what my choice would be, I will tell him the roux-en-y. After weighing all the info, it's what I would prefer. Of course I will listen to his advice and will probably go along with what he recommends.
I know for sure I don't want the band. I didn't know a lot about it until this meeting but already had a knowing it wasn't going to be my choice. They showed two types, both pretty much the same. The band goes around the stomach and is then inflated to make the opening smaller. It is adjustable. And THAT little fact made it a no go for sure for me. Ever think about just how it is adjusted? There is a tube from the band that has a port on the end. The port remains inside your body somewhere between your ribs and your pelvis. Nope. No thanks. This flabo fatso body would hide it now, but it would still out and show possibly as I lost weight. Plus having something foreign in my body just isn't for me.
The sleeve would be an option but I don't like it. About two thirds of your stomach is removed. Removed. Totally. And the pouch created is much larger. I think it would be way too easy to fall into old habits if you have that big of a pouch.
The roux-en-y is a much smaller pouch, the size of your thumb. Your stomach remains in your belly and it is reattached via part of the small intestine. I don't understand all the whys and wherefores enough to explain them to someone else yet. It's going to take some time and more education.
I'll be seeing a dietician regularly and will need to get on some sort of good exercise regime. That will still be hard with my knees but should get easier as I begin to lose weight. They will also do regular checks of my vitamin levels. With the roux-en-y, I will have to adjust my vitamin intake.
They have a wonderful system.  The group support meetings are monthly and I plan on going.
I was very impressed with the real people, area people who they showed us. One man in particular was very impressive. Not only had he lost tons and tons of weight, he went from a list of meds as long as mine down to only taking his vitamins. And he was no longer on a c-pap.
So my journey has started. In two weeks I'll be seeing the doctor for the initial evaluation. Rusty and Papa are going with me to that too. It's so good to have this much support. And the support that y'all are giving me in comments here, facebook and via email, etc. will also get me from start to finish. I appreciate every one of you.
Today my Brooks AFB family lost a beautiful family member. Dixie Bonomo passed away today. Dixie was very important to so very many people. She was another "other mother" to so many kids who lived there through the years. I was lucky enough to have worked along side her at the youth center on base. She taught so many so much. She will be missed. RIP Miss Dix
Perhaps they are not the stars,
but rather openings in Heaven
where the love of our lost ones pours through
and shines down upon us to let us know
they are happy.
~~Author Unknown
Tonight's "supper" wasn't really supper. We had breakfast tacos. Sometimes having breakfast for dinner is perfect.
We made a second trip down to the R Store today. (Grocery outlet in Hartville) This trip we filled a few extra bags. I was glad to find fat free sugar free puddings to use for special desserts and recipes and sugar free lemon and sugar free lime jellos. Also got some things for when others are here. Pillsbury grands biscuits and crescents and less fat cinnamon rolls. Great deals! The cinnamon rolls were .69 and the grands were .50 and the crescents were .35. 1/2 off. Also some food pantry items like lasagna hamburger helper (I hate using it, but it's quick when things go completely whacky around here) were on the 50% off shelf. Got two boxes at .45 each. .50 for hot sauce. Can't remember how much the tortillas were, but they were the healthier kind.
Our trip the other day we didn't get a whole lot but found some great deals. Neufchatel, 33% less fat cream cheese, was .75. Can't remember if we got any other super deals.
We did find steaks marked down at Sam's. You have to hit it just right to find the discounts. I always scout out the meat to see. I make it a habit to check the mark down area in the back too before doing the rest of my shopping. And I do the same at BJ's. They have theirs at the back ends of the aisles. Sometimes you can pick up some really good bargains.
Well this will have to be my blog tonight. I need to get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day. It's a weekend of birthdays. Hugs to everyone. Until next time....
~~Mama Sage