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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So let's see what's still important

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know how I do it.  I send myself notes of things I don't want to forget to include in my blog.  Well it's been quite a while since I've been here and my list of notes is long.  I'm wondering about now just what I have in here that might still be of any value to write about.  We shall see...
My stuffed cabbage.  Now that seems like something I'd still like to include. 
Mama Sage's stuffed cabbage
First, go out to the farmer's market when cabbage is in season and grab a huge head of cabbage.  Mine cost $1.50.  Not bad for as big as it was.  When I went to dunk it and boil it to soften the leaves for rolling, it nearly didn't fit into my biggest stock pot.  And that baby is huge! 
While it was cooking, I mixed the following...
2# pork, unseasoned (but sausage would have been fine)
3# beef
10 mini carrots, pureed in the food processor along with 1 medium onion and the leftover ends of celery
2 eggs
some of my homemade bread crumbs
and a mix of garlic, salt and pepper...a good amount
When the leaves were cool enough to pull off the cabbage head, I took them off, cut the thick vein out and then went to work.  The meat blob was a little more than a meatball would have been.  I put it in the middle of the leaf and rolled it up. 
24 went into the freezer for meals later.  When I was done with them, I had what would amount to a normal sized head of cabbage left and some meat mix left.  I put a layer of chopped cabbage into a casserole, made meatballs of the mix and put them on top then more cabbage.  Next went a tomato sauce mix.  Then lid on, into the oven for an hour or so and we had dinner.
It's amazing what sparks memories.  I was recently going through some boxes contemplating just what and how a Christmas project was going to happen and came across some memory joggers.  I found my Dad's hair brush.  Mom had kept it as one of her memories.  I found the bride and groom that I put on their cake for their 50th wedding anniversary party.  Mom said they hadn't had a cake when they got married and it brought tears to her eyes when she saw I made the cake and the bride and groom for on top.  And then there were news articles and pictures....  Memories.  Hang on to your memories.
While Cliff and Rusty worked on staining and sealing our front deck, we were busy preparing a meal.  We had a turkey in the smoker with mesquite wood.  (Mmmm.  It was delicious!) I also made
cauliflower and broccoli casserole
    1/2 head cauliflower, chopped in 1" chunks, softened
    1 broccoli head, chopped big, softened
    1 onion, quartered and sliced, softened
    1 can cream of broccoli soup
    1 can cream of mushroom soup    
    2 c. shredded cheese
    just a few durkee onions on top
Mix it up and bake a while.
Cait brought corn on the cob and also made a sweet potato/pear dish she found the recipe for of Martha Stewart's.  Very good.  I don't like sweet potatoes and I liked this. 
    slice 2 sweet potatoes like french fries
    cut three pears into thin wedges, in half
    spritz with olive oil
    sprinkle with a mix of spices - (about 1/4 t. ea.)
        cayenne pepper
        ground mustard
I also made an apple cake for our dessert.  Yummy.
When the guys were done, the food was done.  We sat and ate watching college football - Kent State's game first, then Ohio State. 
WAY better now, but I need to let you who don't know in on this one....
Wednesday, Oct. 3
Cliff literally saved my life today.  We were eating lunch and I swallowed a hunk of food wrong and choked.  I mean seriously choked.  I couldn't breathe in or out and couldn't swallow it or cough to get it out.  I stood up and somehow remembered the sign for choking (you always wonder if you'll really remember) and he grabbed me and did the Heimlich.  Thank God!  If I'd have been alone, I wouldn't have made it.  That's two of us in the family recently saved with the Heimlich.  I'm okay now, but man, my ribs hurt!
I've been bulking it a lot lately.  I've made about 90 sausage patties and have them in the freezer.  Yes, we'll use them.  They're cooked and can be heated quick for breakfast or they can be chopped and used in a number of dishes.  The price was unbeatable.  And now we have them.  Pretty lean too!  I also divided up bacon we got for a song.  BLT's are my cuppa tea right now.
I'm listing scarves on Etsy now along with my elves.  If you haven't checked it out yet, check out my Etsy store..
And now, I'm bushed.  I know this is a strange blog coming from Mama Sage.  Forgive me.  I'm whipped!  Nighty night.
Love and hugs,
~~Mama Sage