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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am now 60 years YOUNG!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for hanging with me through the last...ohhhhhh....well too long.  A lot has happened.  A lot of stress balanced by a lot of happy, healthy, memory making times.  I know I kept saying I was back and then did another disappearing act.  Let's hope I don't do that again.  I never know.

Most of you know that I had to quit working towards weight loss surgery.  It's tough to chew food to the consistency of baby food if you don't have enough teeth left to do it.  Yes, my teeth starting just falling apart and falling out.  It's been horrible.  I was diagnosed with sjogren's disease and one of the things it does is dry you up.  When they did the biopsy of my lip for diagnosis, they found no salivary glands in the sample.

I was working so hard to get there and had lost a bunch of weight in the process.  That put me down in the dumps for quite a while.  Having to give up that goal was terrible.

I've also had a few pretty bad flare ups with the fibromyalgia.  Most of you know I was diagnosed with that many years ago.  I go a while, often times a long while, with no problems, then SLAM I'm hit with a flare up.  Between that and the arthritis, I can quickly become a mess.

I had a knee replacement in May of 2013.  I can say it has taken away the horrid pain I was having.  I'm still trying things out with it.  I know I cannot get on my hands and knees.  And I forcefully learned to get off the ground.  Help!  I fell!  And I couldn't get up!!  My other knee is singing the same tune and I'm babying it.  I can't afford to get it done.  Plus, my left shoulder is terrible and should have been replaced almost a year ago.  When our medical coverage changed last October all these surgeries have been shelved.

We had two weddings since I've blogged.  One on New Year's eve and on in April last year.  Corry and Angel were married in their home with family present on New Year's eve.  Family includes a lot!  Not only does Corry have a lot of siblings, between them they have 8 kids.  Yes, the house was full.  Kris DJ'd and we had a karaoke reception after.

Rusty and Cait were married in April at a beautiful venue in Cleveland.  I think everyone who attended had a blast.  I've never seen a bride have as much fun as Cait.  And little Emmi was a doll.  She was so excited about "her" wedding.  What a memory making day we all had.

I'm thinking that should pretty much catch everyone up.  If I've missed things they'll probably come up in the blog one day.  I do tend to go on and on.


A 60th birthday is a wonderful occasion. 
You have crossed several milestones, 
but life just keeps looking for more 
Enjoy the bliss of sixty; 
enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
Surround yourself 
with your children & grandchildren
and tell them tales of the yesteryears. 
Relive the magical moments of life 
even while you look forward to 
new experiences. 
It's great to be sixty!
~~Oscar Wilde


Yes, I turned 60 on Monday.  I started the day out kind of in the dumps.  Little by little the family started checking in wishing me Happy Birthday.  Well I have to say my brother was first.  He called me 4 1/2 hours before the midnight hour.  lol  He wanted to be first and he was.  

When I went downstairs, Cliff surprised me with a bouquet of yellow roses and a gift card.  I was so happy! Yellow roses are my favorite.  He used to get them for me when we were first married 42 years ago.  I love them!!  

Corry had told me Angel and the kids wanted to see me and they were coming over around 7-7:30.  Cool.  I hadn't seen some of the kids for a while.  And then after Emmi got out of school, Cait let her call me to see if we were home.  Yep!  So Ms. Em brought me some things she had made at school.  She made a disco ball for me with glitter and jewels and had painted me a picture.  I love the kids' art.  If you come visit you'll find kids' art in many places.  And she also handed me a really pretty card they'd gotten with a gift card in it! Allllll-right!  I love gift cards!

A few minutes later, Dusty, Casey, and Kean showed up to pick up Dusty's cat crate we'd borrowed.  And I got to see them too!!  They visited a while and then left with Kennedy.  Everybody had their special place to watch the Brown's pre-season game.  lol  Dusty's hubby Leon is a Redskins fan so she rallied the troops to help her cheer on the Brown's.  Oops.  Her mistake.  Kean is a Pittsburgh fan.  When I told him he'd just have to fake it.....  lol  Not a good look!

The kids all played together with the cats and Nelly.  Commotion is normal in our house.  In fact, I thrive on it.  Angel and Corry had come separately.  He had the boys and Angel had the girls.  The girls stopped and got me a cake!  Purple decorations.  So pretty.  

During the day I got a text from Missy and got to talk to Adam about half an hour.  He's starting his PhD work at the University of North Carolina.  So proud of that boy.  He's done it all on his own.

Tonight, when I sat down to check my "other" file on Facebook, I started reading Birthday messages that I didn't even know were sent in my feed.  I guess we just flat don't get it all on our cells.  My cell was showing me about 20 messages.  My computer showed I had 100 greetings!  And that wasn't counting the few that were comments on someone else's post!!  I can't believe how blessed I am.  To have so many people out there wishing me well.  Oh my goodness.  My heart is full.  Thank you to each and every person for making my 60th birthday one of the most special days ever.  



Mama Sage

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  1. Thank you for inviting me to your blog . Happy Birthday !! You sure don't look 60 LuAnn...:)