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Friday, August 30, 2013

Procrastinating doesn’t pay!

Seriously.  I procrastinated about paperwork around here so long it has become a hurdle much too high to jump in a single bound.  I started today with current stuff.  Now that hamper full of paper is all that stands between me and peace.  My plan is to accomplish it this weekend but…  I do have other things to get done too.  I have company coming on Wednesday which means last minute steam cleaning, sweeping and dusting, bathroom and meal planning needs done.  I can DO IT!!  Yes I can!

I’m still not eating the way I should, but I’ll get there.  I’m staying well within the calorie limits to lose, but I’m not eating only what’s good for me.  Lol  I guess most people really don’t.  I’m trying to make sure to eat enough to be above that 1200 calorie mark.  There’s so much fat on this body I know people think I could eat off the fat of the land a long while, but I won’t do that.  Not after seeing on Dr. Oz that if women don’t eat at least 1200 calories they will go into starvation mode and actually gain weight.  Yes, seriously. 

I finished the thawed salsa this evening so I won’t be eating chips and salsa the rest of the weekend.  And I won’t have any of the babies here this weekend and won’t get tempted into eating a grilled cheese sandwich.  I’ve got chicken thawed for tomorrow.  The plan is to do sweet and sour chicken, wild rice and peaches.  Now that I wrote that down, maybe I’ll feel obligated to really make that. 


Tomorrow, Friday, two of my kids are having minor back surgery.  I don’t know how any back surgery can be considered minor, but that’s how it’s categorized.  I just know this mama will be really glad once noon rolls around and I know both are fine.  Yes, I would definitely appreciate all the prayers people feel like sending up.  Any back surgery can have terrible consequences so yes, prayers for successful surgeries would be welcomed.


This past week has been full of challenges as well as blessings.  The blessings are many.  I’ve been so happy to be back in contact with several life long friends.  Finding out that we aren’t the only ones going through trials right now is sad, but it’s also giving us someone else to pray for. 


Can miles truly separate you from friends…

If you want to be with someone you love,

Aren’t you already there?

~~Richard Bach


It’s looking like our pool will be taken down a little earlier this year.  We don’t stand by the Labor Day tradition.  There has often been really warm weather the month of September.  Somehow I don’t think that will happen this year.  They’re calling for some pretty nippy temps in the 10 day forecast.  I bet we have it down within the next two weeks.


Well, it’s time to close this up and relax the legs.  They still give me trouble.

Love y’all,

~~Mama Sage

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